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"But Ken"

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 3 21:41:50 EST 2003

"But Ken, how can it be 'Murder' when a
person  doesn't know what the outcome
of his choices will be?"

I understand.

I'm discussing from my 'solitary' perspective,
looking-backward on the what will be the
generalized cognitive-transition that's inher-

Here's how the cognitive-transition [AoK, Ap4,
"affective inversion"] occurred in my own exp-

It began when I was a Young-Child, within my
Family's interactive dynamics. I saw my Parents'
Goodness, but also experienced their 'Hardness'.

They were a couple - a matched-set.

Mom, with infinite patience, Dad, with infinite

But the Family dynamics were 'Hard'.

When I was Young, I 'resented' the Discipline

But, as I came of age, I was drawn to under-
standing it - studying it - and, as I did so, one
thing became more and more clear.

My Parents were Good people. Solid. Unshake-
able, and that Family Life was 'Hard' was not
from  their 'hearts', but from their experience.

My Dad had to quit school when he was in the
4th grade. My Mom, in the 7th.

They met in a factory where they worked, found
Love, and Married, but they Lived under the
Burden of forces external to them.

I studied those 'forces', and, as I did so, the
stuff that folks do to one another in the name of
'not-knowing' became ever-more clear to me,
until, I 'saw' that there was really something in-
there that Needed to be set-straight.

It's 'funny' how everything in my experience
just fit-together toward the end of doing what
Needed to be done - I've talked about some
of this stuff in long-former posts.

But it's the wellspring of the work I've done -
my wanting to give back to Mom and Dad
what 'life' had so Mercilessly taken from them.

I'm getting into this Family stuff because I
want it to be clear why my Devotion to the
work I've done has been so Complete.

When one looks-upon the Suffering of those
he Loves, it's all very-Serious - gripping one's

Anyway, the 'point' that I'm working up to is
that, my Parents' Suffering - all that was taken
from them - all happened as a result of folks
who acted as if they 'did not know'.

And I Studied this one thing - ripped-into-it,
shreeded it, examined it microscopically - until
I Knew it in all its 'parts'.

It's out of this intense-study that, subsequently,
came the ability to Recognize 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization within nervous systems.

The 'not-knowing'-ness is nothing of the kind.

It's actually a full-Knowing that's subjucated itself
in accord with that which is 'sanctioned' by socie-
tal [socialized-in] mores.

What actually happens is that all the Good-Stuff
that's there, 'just'-plain-to-see, in Newborn Infants
is gradually 'coersed' out of individuals as they
pass to 'maturity'.

This's done 'knowingly' by 'society', in that it is
done forcefully - coersively-stereotypically.

It's why the Judge in that Courtroom only Ridi-
culed me when I Plead for my Dad's Life.

I looked-upon him, and Saw his own Victimization,
and his 'willing' acquiesence to its coersion - that
he invoked, not Truth [he was oblivious to Truth -
could not even hear it when I spoke it from my
;heart'], but 'the way things are supposed to be',
which, through his own experience, had been
coersed upon him.

And he acted upon that coersed stuff, elevating it
to the 'place' within himself where only Truth has a
Right to Exist, to take action, against my Pleading,
that Killed my Dad.

Let me make it clear, I'm =NOT= 'building a case'
against this Judge. But I am using his 'choice' as
an example of the Society-wide stuff against which
I Stand. It's fitting. The Court is the 'epitomy' of 'Rat-
ionality' within our Society. It is Fitting, therefore, to
invoke the Court as an example in a discussion of
what is Wrong within our Society.

And the Essence of what is Wrong within our Socie-
ty is this 'conpirational'-collective-invoking of, "I didn't
know" [that I was commiting Murder, etc.], that Society
'winks-at' - that Lawyers and 'spin-doctors' twist-and-turn
torturously as they 'jump-through-hoops' while seeking
to 'move away from' Truth - in order to seek 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization for self, or for clients,
at the cost of augmented TD E/I Society-wide.

What I'm saying is that folks actually =do= know, but
they routinely 'discount' that which they know in ways
that are sanctioned by Society - in ways that 'winks'-at.

"Everybody does it."

The gist being that, if 'everybody' does it, then whatever
it is is 'ok' to do.

That is a 'recipe' for societal-Disaster be-cause
the onely thing in-it that's, nevertheless, Dictating
how things'll go, are the facts of merely-haphazardly-
accumulated happenstance.

And look at what is so Dictated to Society - the taking
of my Dad's Life, for example; the Deficit being imposed-
upon our Children by the current Administration, for
instance, Savagery in Iraq - when all that was necessary
was to allow NDT's understanding to be Communicated
by folks who Chose the Savagery while possessing the
Option of NDT's understanding.

[They just 'threw the switch'.]

So, it's with respect to this Unworthy-Stuff that I use the
term, "Murder".

I'm =NOT= wanting to 'convict' anyone.

What I'm working to do is to accomplish a Cognitive-
Transition. One in which this Unworthy 'I-didn't-know-
while-damn-well-knowing stuff is seen for what it is -
Society-coersed 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
ation that derives in nothing more than repetitively-
experienced societal happenstance.

I'm working to show folks - to Communicate to folks -
what are the costs inherent in 'blind'-acquiesence to
socially-coersed Dictates.

There's Murder, Dictated to us, in-there.

There's 'blindness' in-there that Kills our own Children.

And everyone's routinely 'ho-humming' it.

I'm working to Demonstrate that the 'ho-humming'
matter-of-fact-Discloses 'Knowing'-acquiesence.

This's the stuff of "the beast", "Abstract Ignorance"
]The absence of understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization within nervous sys-
tems that, nevertheless, do process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.]

"the beast" Kills, inflicts Savagery and Suffering.

And we actively-acquiesce to such?

I'm working to lift-folks-up in a Cognitive-Transition
with respect to this Exceedingly-Tragic stuff that's
flat-out Unworthy of our Humanity.

I'm crying-out to "the better angels of our spirits".
[Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inagural Address].

Forgive me this: Mom and Dad, =Thank You=
for your persevering-Examples. I wanted so much
to finish the work while you still had Life, but I'll
continue, as you Lived, Faith, quiet and Dete-
rmined, in your Memory, while Life remains in-me -
to Slay "the beast" that so Mercilessly Ravages.

Love, ken

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