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"But Ken"

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 5 10:12:27 EST 2003

"But Ken, who will have anything to do
with you now?"

Same folks who had anything to do
with me all along :-]

Only Problem is, they're pointed in
the one 'direction', and I'm pointed
in the other [see the discussion of
"the continuum of relative familiar-
ities", AoK, Ap4].


"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:OlEpb.204671$0v4.16092389 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...

| [...]
| I studied those 'forces', and, as I
| did so, the stuff that folks do to
| one another in the name of 'not-
| knowing' became ever-more
| clear to me, until, I 'saw' that there
| was really something in-there that
| Needed to be set-straight.
| [...]

It's 'funny', the more I work to get-
acroos to folks what it is that Needs
to be set-straight, the more what
Needs to be set-straight 'crushes'

I speak-out against it, and it only
does what it does, more-'power-

I made a Big Mis-take in a former
online 'life'. I emphasized that I was
trying to "bring things in for a safe

What I was attending to was that
a general communication of NDT's
understanding will tend to 'rock the
boat' - will tend to generate some
wide-spread "rendering useless"
[AoK, Ap8], and, probably, some
stuff 'within' the "zone of random-
ness" [AoK, Ap4]. So I worked to
'gentle' the transition to under-

My Big Mis-take in this endeavor
was that I didn't grasp that some
folks among those who are 'in-
charge' of whether or not NDT's
understanding will ever be allowed
to come-forward 'interpreted' my
statements with respect to "bring-
ing things in for a safe landing" as
an expression of my 'willingness'
to participate in Fiction.

That's not the case.

All I was Willing to do was, and
remains, not 'bash' anyone.

You know, to not "remember the
past against them" [AoK, Epilogue].

You know, Forgive.

So, as I've become aware of Fictions
brewing, I've had to bat-them-down,
from my perspective, be-cause I had
to take-Action to prevent my own 'mov-
ing away from' Truth.

Everything has to be addressed Forth-
rightly - in a way that Honors Truth - else
the only 'result' will be 'just' more of the
Same-Stuff that's Ravaged Humanity
since the Beginning.

In other words, the stuff that Needs to be
set-straight would be transformed, in the
resort to Fiction, to the same-old, same-

It's a Hard thing do do, as my recent dis-
cussions 'disclose'. I've been 'wrestling'
with all that's entailed.

It's clear to me that, if I'm ever to be able
to bring AoK's brief account of NDT's
stuff up-to-date, I'll have to 'receive perm-
ission', from 'powerful' folks, to do so.

I can't find employment that'd allow me to
save $ so that I could, then, afford the com-
plete-devotion 'time' necessary to rewrite

I've 'wondered' about why I've not been
able to find employment in IT. Perhaps it's
just the 'state' of the Economy.

But, since I've not been able to find employ-
ment that'd allow me to save the $ necessary
for the complete-devotion 'time', I'm 'de-
pendent' on receiving the necessary $ from
some other source.

But, to do that, I'd have to participate in some
Fiction, which I cannot do.

So, if there's anyone who actually receives
this msg, please get the word out: don't
nominate me for any awards.

The awards come with 'two'-many 'strings'

I'll just have to do what I can with what I can
earn at "K. P." Duty.

I Apologize if I caused folks to reach inap-
propriate conclusions in the past.

It's a Sad 'time' for me, because I know,
now, that I'll be 'alone' forever.

That I have been virtually Murdered.

I no longer Expect anyone to Acknowledge
the work I've done.

To me, it's actually not such a 'big-deal' to
have reached this Conclusion. I'll be Freed-
up, a bit. That's all.

All of the Hard stuff happened long ago.

I just couldn't 'accept' what it portended.

I do now.

I've just got to do what needs to be done.

And 'accept' that I've been Murdered.

K. P. Collins

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