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Drinking marijuan

Bob Davidson phatbhat at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 5 17:20:49 EST 2003

"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
news:s4jiqvsihllci96bnhdp7bak0l0gluvsi4 at 4ax.com...
> Hello Neuroscientists.  I would like any comments on my lay analogy
> below about cannabis being like hot water through a coffee basket,
> with the coffee grounds representing the brain's natural chemicals
> that contribute to a high.
> On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:59:37 GMT, "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca>
> wrote:
> >
> >"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
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> >> On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 22:22:25 GMT, "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca>
> >> wrote:
> >>
> >> >
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> >> >> > "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca> wrote in message
> >> >> news:g8Cpb.284171$6C4.6673 at pd7tw1no...
> >> >> > > people make tea out of pot,, but i was told that if you bring
> >temp
> >> >> too
> >> >> > > high,or boil it,, it destroys the thc, , a better way is to make
> >> >into
> >> >> a
> >> >> > > butter,, as they have similar chemical compounds ,in fat form,,
> >> >> >
> >> >> > No, tea won't work.  THC is not soluble in water, so making tea is
> >> >> > pointless as the pot will simply be wasted.  I did read that in
> >> >> > theory at least it might be possible to use an espresso machine,
> >> >> > the high-temp steam should be sufficient to extract the oils.
> >> >> >
> >> >> > Butter is a good method, as THC is soluble in fat.  Alcohol is
> >> >> > another way to extract THC and the other essential oils.
> >> >> >
> >> >> >
> >> >> It's not totally right, perso i didn't try but you can drink tea
> >> >butter
> >> >> it's used. You can put green butter in your tea but....try
> >> >> milk+pot+chocolate......
> >> >>
> >> >>
> >> >
> >> >hey there big!!
> >> >
> >> > a great method is by Biz an Bill chocolate cannabis,mixing, chocolate
> >> >similar to marijuana in how it acts on our brains,, they use real
> >chocolate
> >> >for their recipee,,
> >> >
> >> >recently Biz, who has Ms,, thried to kill herself in desparation,, in
> >pain,,
> >> >only marijuana would help her, and her government was charging her
> >> >supplying by selling other SICk little old ladies in england chocolate
> >> >marijuana,,, the government bent under pressure and dropped all
> >charges,,,
> >> >how nice of them,,  she is doing better ,but made a personal stand,,
> >> >that is benefitting many other people.
> >> >
> >> >bobD
> >> >
> >> This sounds rather politicized Bob, and I don't think your posts will
> >> support the view that marijuana is a worthwhile pain medication used
> >> responsibly by those who need it.
> >
> >welll your wrong,, recent information specifically from gw
> >in the uk have reported marijuana to be very beneficial for treating MS
> >is factual r3esearch evidnce, from a double blind controlled study.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > After all, you're smoking the
> >> entire output of two thousand-watt sodium lamps and now you're looking
> >> for a stronger variety of weed.
> >
> >ya so whats yer poiint,, i see none,, i am smokeing more than the entire
> >output of 2 lamps,, i supplement by purchasing extra,,,
> >
> > for medical uses,, the strongest is the best medication here is why,, if
> >smoke 1 ounce a day of weak weed,,then it follows i would smoke less of
> >stronger weed to achieve the same effect, then my intake would be alot
> >
> >
> >
> >  Are your doctors comfortable with the
> >> fact that you smoke an ounce of pot every day???
> >>
> >> Charlie
> >
> > charlie,, my doctor is very happy,, as i have been able to cut my
> >intake in half,, which is a deadly drug and is known to kill.
> Yes, cutting morphine use with pot seems valid and useful -- up to a
> point.
> Bu what about all that smoke???

i have a vaportron,,, i think its rather lame,, i also try ingesting pot in
other ways,, you are correct in the amount of smoke and how it causes lung
stresss, i agree with you on this

 I just smoked one good clump of bud
> to get my unemployed ass off to a lazy start for the day.  I suppose
> I'll smoke another gram before I go to bed.  But right now, I feel as
> though, at the very least, I ought to get a bit of exercise and fresh
> air before I smoke more pot.  It's not toxic in the way tobacco smoke
> is, but it's heavy, oily smoke.

i do not feel stoned when i smoke,, i get a monir buzz, what i am trying to
do is ingest s much thc,, to get the proteins,,, to flood my system,, with
omega 6 fatty acid,, i also a massive dose of EFAMOL 6000mgs a day with
2000mgs of salmon oil.  all 3 of these i need to flood myself with more

 recent study came out stating marijuana halts the degeneration of myelin
during the ms attack,, in my disease what happens is the tcell receptor
tells the white blood cell to attack myelin which coats my
brain,nerves,spinal chord,, then once it eats thru the electrical responses
get fucked telling me my legs are paralyzed when nothing is wrong,, i am
left with a scar on brain/spine, or sclerosis,, thus lingering disability
depending on the size of scar

 this is neurology 101,, myelin basic protein is being destroyed,, with the
massive doses of essential fatty acids, and proteins,, scientists state the
Ms response is halted and reversed,, -british medical journal of neurology,

> Also, I try to hold off a bit because I'm smoking for the hell of it,
> to keep my shitty attitude intact, not because I need it for pain.
> Therefore I like to hold off between smokes long enough to I get some
> sort of a buzz -- and I'm after the chronic low buzz, not the
> disorientating buzz that comes from smoking heavily after a long
> period of abstinence.  So, it's a balancing act.
> My philosophy is this -- smoking pot is like pouring hot water through
> a filter basket full of coffee.  Every morning, when you wake up, you
> get a fresh ration of coffee in the filter basket -- i.e., the
> dopamine and what have you that your brain produces on its own.  The
> more hot water you pour through that filter basket, the weaker the
> coffee gets.  By night-time, you're drinking frog piss.

 i disagree,, sort of,, for me anywayz,, its like this,.,,, i pour some
coffee in the filter,, and make coffee,, then i empty it and pour more in,,
and motre an more,, using more and more fressh coffee,, soon i will have so
much coffee in me i will piss out coffee,,,

 i need to smoke every hour -2 hours on the hour, my morhpine is timed 24
hour release,, a little each hour,, with fast acting for break thru pain,,

the tumor in my gut, hurt when i move,, , or sleep on that side,, they are a
constant nagging throbbing pain from dead nerves ,,  these nerves feed right
thru a sclerosis on my spine at the t-10 disc area,, this increases/magnifys
my pain,,, therefore i need an opiate pain killer for the real pain from
tumors , and  a neuropathic pain controller for the MS pain,, neurontin and

> So, I strongly suspect you might improve your quality of life, and
> find pot more beneficial, if you could abstain for a few days, and
> then get on a controlled dosage program that spaces relief intervals
> between spans of relative discomfort.  It's easy for me to say that,
> right?  But, talk to the docs and ask them if I'm not on the right
> track vis-a-vis dose/benefit with cannabis.
> Charlie

i see your point charlie and i agree if i go without for a week i get an
awesome buzz the first joint,, awesome,, i have done this experiment years

sorry to say that smoking pot like a chimney really does give me a better
quality of life,, i am the tyoe that does not get backed out their mind,, or
burnt out,, i dont feel sleepy from pot,, it is like smokeing rock coke to
me,, it makes me happy,, it makes the neuropathic pain stop,,  decreases my
pain response neurologically,

 the more pot i smoke the better i feel,, i smoke all day long,,  i am
flooding my system with proteins,, for this effect,, i hope to get,, not
high,, but better!

 i am truly serious thinking it will help reverse  my disease course,, from
the new info from doctors studying it, i feel i am on the right track.

 also i have discussed with another ms'er alison myrden
www.themarijuanamission.com,  who said the exact thing to me,, she smokes
just like i do, all day,, on schedule,and does not get stoned feeling,, she
said to me,, she knows it is because ms causes a loss of this protein that
marijuana floods back into my system,,  absorbing the thc containing the

i can say one thing,, i can smoke anyone under the table,, have never met my

the reason i am looking for highest thc content pot is to provide what you
explain,, if it is 10x better than what i have tried this last year,, maybe
i will need less of it each day,,

health canada burned a crop of 24% thc marijuana and stated it was too
strong for us patients,, what a load of shit,, the better the pot the less
we will need to consume to get the same benefit/results,, and i would like
to smoke less, so if i had the best pot,, not 10% thc but 24 % thc i would
need to use less of it..

like my pills,, i take one a day of something 10x stronger than the 4 times
a day pills, i take less of the extra crap used to make a pill,, they are
all the same size pill,, one is more potent,, just like medical weed should

i am searching for the most potent pot on earth,, so i will smoke less of it
each day,,

i appreciate your input charlie and its very true but not so much when it
comes to medical users,,
the word addicted to morphine, is not used for me,, as i have to take it,,
its adifferent kind of addicition,, something i discussed with pain clinic
specialists,, i will take morphine forever,, thats my future.,


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