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maybe i deserved a spanking??,,Re: Somebody! Spank me please!

Bob Davidson phatbhat at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 5 17:27:34 EST 2003

charlie go to www.themarijuanamission.com

read about marijuana as an essential fatty acid

i can supply the news releases if you missed them all regarding MS and pot
of the last few months!!!

ps i am not trying to bullshit you,, you dont have Ms so why would you care
about the reasons for me smokeing pot,, ???

all you discuss is your own shortcommings about being too fucking lazy to
get a job,, and work,, blame it all on pot??,, it makes you stupid??

 thats a cop out!!!!,, i get up every morning on pot and work,, i am
disabled and i still do it ,, so it aint the pot ,, its the person with the
weak mind,, who would rather live their life as the newest superhero-

 '''house coat boy!!!''''

 get off yer ass get a job,get dressed,, if pot makes you lazy then dont
smoke it,, you obviosly have a problem with it then??


"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
news:2djiqv4c29o4kn8dmrk5oskpg71ceabho5 at 4ax.com...
> Please read Bob's commentary at the bottom of this thread.  Is this
> medical science, or is it a bamboo antenna on a fake radio hut?
> Charlie
> On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 18:03:59 GMT, "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca>
> wrote:
> >
> >"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
> >news:tj4hqvsd8q7aj65q7htrht25vrru1s7eo4 at 4ax.com...
> >> On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 23:21:19 GMT, "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca>
> >> wrote:
> >> >
> >> >"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
> >> >news:tl4gqvs9dhcmdfs989lf4ktg8n288ia3jb at 4ax.com...
> >> >> On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 23:34:02 GMT, "Bob Davidson" <phatbhat at shaw.ca>
> >> >> wrote:
> >> >>
> >> >> Hey Bob, I don't think any strain is going to get you any more
> >> >> if you are smoking that much.  I don't know how pot works for you,
> >> >> if I smoke like that starting in the morning and working my way
> >> >> through the day, it's not long before each additional unit of smoke
> >> >> has minimal effect... I feel the same 10 minutes after I smoked it
> >> >> I did before.  Once my brain has shot off all the fireworks, that's
> >> >> it.
> >> >>
> >> >> Charlie
> >> >
> >> >sounds just like me charlie!!!!
> >> >thanks for your input ,,
> >> >boB
> >> >
> >> Right.  So, my point is, you think you are growing a "weak" strain,
> >> but are you?  If you're smoking 2 pounds a month, good lord, man,
> >> that's an ounce a day!  You could smoke the world's most potent herb
> >> and not feel much different.
> >>
> >> Charlie
> >
> > wrong agai charlie,, i am not looking to get high,, that is not it at
> >you are off the point,, i am getting as much thc into my body as i can as
> >has just been proven to help with MS,, the result i need is to flood my
> >with as much thc as i can,, not even trying to get the stoned high
> >not one bit,, i am flooding my system because marijuana has proteins that
> >have a lack of with this disease,,, i flood my system with massive
> >of these proteins,, and this created the neuropathic paon control,, many
> >people with MS,, report not getting high as we have such a lack of the
> >proteins we need them to replenish our system,, so in absorbtion we do
> >get high feelings,, but we do get relief,, thats what iseek,, not to be
> >stoned,, but to have relief,, i need potent pot to get the relief i need
> >with less smoking required.
> >
> >boB
> >

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