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A Measure of Population-wide TD E/I

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 10 15:22:16 EST 2003

I do understand that the stuff that I discussed in the preceding post [quoted below] forms the biggest part of what has been the 'organized resistance' to the coming-forward of NDT's understanding.

It's why I long ago 'detuned' my expectations to just getting NDT's understanding communicated.

Somewhere, Truth has to exist so that folks who want to have access to it can, in fact, have access to it.

The other thing is that, since posting this msg, I've pondered my own experience with the 'Credit-Card Science Foundation', from which I borrowed the means to sustain my efforts to develop NDT [and TH], going deeply [for me] into debt. So, sometimes, Loving the Children requires such.

I also looked-back upon what the 'stress' inherent 'accomplished' in my own 'living'.

The costs to those around me have been Great, and I'm left 'wondering', where my Love was.

To me, it came down to the fact that it just needed to be done - and that I didn't allow myself to get hung-up on the possibility that's right in NDT's understanding - that folks'd just 'move away from'.

I've always awakened, each day, hoping that folks'd get-t, and that it'd be the day when NDT's understanding would break-through - still do.

You know?

Truth Is.

"Sweeping it under the rug" doesn't change it - only assures that folks'll be unprepared when Truth presses-hard against them.

Which is an inviting of hurtful-things to happen.

It's kind of like in John 6:66, no?

  "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message news:fKQrb.44306$Ec1.3169879 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
  "Living on Borrowed Money

  Published: November 10, 2003"


  Quoting from the New York Times Column:

  "In short, we're mortgaging the nation's future."

  The trend the Columnist discusses is a relatively-direct measure of population-wide TD E/I.

  Folks're 'coping' with experiential 'stressors' by borrowing $.

  Anyone can see where this will 'lead' - generalized 'collapse' of the Economy - as more and more folks' buying-into that 'economy' are crushed by the 'weight' of their indebtedness.

  This stuff has been discussed in AoK all along [Ap5, with respect to [slick] advertising that diverts biological reward to its own ends].

  Where are the ads that say, "Don't spend more than you can afford with respect to Loving your Children"?

  Why say such?

  Take care of that one thing [Loving your Children], and everything else will fall-right-into-place - be-cause, in Loving your Children, you, simultaneously, teach them to respect others and their Responsibilities to others.

  Look and see, stable economies come down to that one thing.

  Problem is that it's getting shunted-aside by all the efforts that induce [AoK, Ap5, "inductive learning"] folks to divert excessively from the resources that'd, otherwise, enable them to Love their Children.

  And it only grows worse intergenerationally.

  Be-cause that which becomes merely 'familiar' tends, strongly, to be self-sustaining, intergenerationally.

  The perfect 'metaphor' for where we've been head was dramatized in the Back to the Future triolgy - in the parts where "Biff" was in-charge.

  Good grief! All over the place, States are turning to 'gambling', just like in the movies.

  What'd'ya expect when folks're induced, by all the slick 'hype, to put "Biff" in-charge?

  [Note, I'm not referring to any individual in particular. I'm referring to the generic mindset that 'moves away from' Truth, and that which induces it across populations. It's what I was referring to in the section of AoK, Ap5 ref-ed above.]

  There will be some hard-'times' if folks wake-up and start actually Loving their Children - rather than expressing their 'love' in 'gadget'-surrogated ways, but, only over the short-term, relative to where we're heading - which is 'just' Hard-'times', ad infinitum.

  It's "Biff" that's sucking all the Good stuff out of This Nation.

  The "domineering spirit which says, 'You work. I'll eat.'" [Abraham Lincoln]

  Look all around.

  America has become a nation that 'worships' "Biff's" point-of-view.

  Rent the videos.

  See for yourselves that it's so.

  Darn good videos, too.


  Can anyone See the Choice that's dramatized?

  k. p. collins

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  I've had to instruct my ISP to block all 
  email :-[ So, if you want to contact me, 
  please do it in the bionet.neuroscience.
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