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Tue Nov 11 05:29:01 EST 2003

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Tuesday November 11, 2003

Happy Birthday to...
   In 1821 Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author,
 =Crime and Punishment=
   "In 1885 General George S. Patton"

 'Single-handedly' wins World War II,
 only to be 'ostracized' because he
 because he 'thumbed his nose' at the
 'rules' that would have prolonged the
 War's Slaughter.

   In 1922 Kurt Vonnegut Jr., author."

 =Catch 22= - Doing what needs to be
 done elevates TD E/I, and, so,
 'cannot' be done.

"On this day...
   In 1889 Washington admitted as the 42nd

 And "Roller-coaster Hill becomes

   "In 1918 World War I ends."

 Only, through absence-of-Forgiveness,
 to precipitate World War II, and the
 Necessity of George S. Patton.

   "In 1924 Palace of Legion of Honor dedicated."


   "In 1982 Space Shuttle 'Columbia' makes
 1st commercial flight."

 Remember, on this Veteran's Day,
 the Astronauts who lost their Lives
 onboard Columbia.

  "the REAL Veteran's Day.  They fought
 for your freedom. Remember them!"

"OmegaZero2003" <OmegaZero2003 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:2eb015dc16eddf45f8ebdbfeaf1b33e4 at news.teranews.com...
| "David Longley" <David at longley.demon.co.uk> wrote in message
| news:xiVjZWG+6jr$Ewoh at longley.demon.co.uk...
| > In article <560167a3d99b2f8e3d36a50b2f9ef9d5 at news.teranews.com>,
| > OmegaZero2003 <OmegaZero2003 at yahoo.com> writes
| [...]

| Yet you "help" by telling people that they
| do not know what they are talking about,
| that thousands of neuroscientists are
| confused and idots, that people here
| should just read what you say and dismiss
| all other POV's because they are incorrect.
| Etc,.

| [...]

Perhaps there's an on-going thing between
you and Longley [in which more information
has been exchanged], but, here in b.n,
Longley's comments were:

"The problem is that there's as much
nonsense in neuroscience as there is
in other integrated disciplines,"

Which is just simple Truth that has been
addressed in AoK all along, and which
I've discussed, reiteratively, in long-
former posts here in b.n [and elsewhere],
and which is a 'far-cry' distant from your
'interpretation' of "confus[ion] and idiots".

The way such 'interpretation' Falsely
attributes Ethically-defficient.

One of the things that stands-against NDT's
coming-forward has been folks' 'embarras-
sment' with respect to the fact that the
neural Topology of the phenomenon of
decussation was just sitting there, since
Cajal's work, and no one saw what was in-it.

This sort of thing happens =throughout=
'science' be-cause [as I've discussed in
the past] Errors that become 'familiar' are
passed-on, intergenerationally, from Professor
to Student, thereby, being 'perpetuated'.

And, not only is Science forsaken in such,
the Prejudice inherent flat-out Crushes the
ones [yes, like me] who only do what Needs
to be done to escape the dictates of the
Errors that would, otherwise, be so perpetu-

Your 're-interpreting' comments are, in fact,
an example of the way the perpetuation of
old, long-familiar Error is Coersed.

You know?

It's what T. S. Kuhn wrote about in his =The
Structure of Scientific Revolutions=, and his
=The Copernican Revolution= [the best book
in Hard-Science I've ever read].

It's Why the Ptolemaic view on Astronomy,
with its Earth-centricism, that perpetuated the
Error of 'epicycles', endured for a thousand
years - Fiction 'moving away from' Truth.

Non-Sense, 'triumphing' be-cause it conforms,
not to Truth, but to merely haphazardly-converged-
upon TD E/I-minimization that, once established,
Coerses 'td e/i'-minimization with respect to it-

It's what relegated Copernicanism to 'oblivion'
until ~~100 years after Copernicus had died.

It's what probably would have cost Galileo his
Life, if he hadn't 'recanted' what he'd Seen
with his own eyes, and what did subject Galileo
to house arrest for the remainder of his Life.

Which makes it Tragically-'hilarious' that, when
one only looks, one Sees, clearly, that 'science',
itself, does the Same-Stuff, still.

I don't know what "nonsense' Longley was
referring to, but it's this Non-Sense that I addres-
sed when I agreed with what he'd posted.

It's a Big, Sorrow-filled Problem that was Re-
solved in NDT decades ago.

But 'science' 'moved away from' Truth inherent,
and, in so doing, Coersed all of Humanity to
follow its 'lead', and 'move away from' Truth,

Non-Sense, actively-perpetuated by 'science'.

The result being the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo,
Slaughter in Africa, Terrorism all over the place,
including 2001-09-11, and, now, the War in Iraq.

All of this happens be-cause 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended, Dictates
that it happen.

It's Vonnegut's =Catch-22=.

Anyway, I understand that I'll be 'bashed' for standing-
firm in the face of "the beast", Abstract Ignorance,
but I'll not 'recant'.

"Still, it moves!"

When whatever-it-is perpetuates Error, whatever-it-is
must be addressed Forthrightly, especially when the
Error is the wellspring of "man's inhumanity to man",
even when whatever-it-is is perpetuated in the name
of its, supposedly, 'being experimentally-verified' -
even when whatever-it-is is 'science'.

[You know? Try to comprehend the Irony inherent in
Seeing, and Doing, what Needs to be done while
comprehending that Doing it will Ravage one's
Being. Try to comprehend the Irony inherent in Know-
ing that one cannot Fail to do such stuff, while Knowing
that those for whom one is doing it will only Ravage
one's Being. It's the Eternal confrontation between
Love and Hate - the 'up-hill climb', in which Hate has
the 'advantage' of not having to do what Needs to
be done. That's the Non-Sense that I'm addressing
in my agreement with this one statement of Longley.]

K. P. Collins

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