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Concious (Question)

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 11 14:10:02 EST 2003

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| | > | Hi,
| | > |
| | > | Is a person who has had his "frontal lobe"
| | > | (I do not know what this is) removed still
| | > | concious or does he just react reflexly?
| |
| | > Frontal lobe 'remov[a]l' would leave the
| | > person imobile. It's where the primary motor
| | > cortex is.
| |
| |
| | Eh, Moniz got the Nobel prize for prefrontal
| | leucotomy. It's a funny story of sorts: he found
| | that prefrontal cortex removal "cured"
| | depression (hence the Nobel), esp in post-
| | menopausal women. Further studies (after
| | said Nobel) showed that these women were
| | cured of depression, and of emotions generally
| | speaking.
| |
| | Didier
| :-]
| Bet that's one of the ones they 'regret'.
| ken
| | [...]

Or were you expressing disagreement with
my prior assertions, Didier?

There's often 'confusion' between "frontal"
and "prefrontal" cortex [as is the case in a
diagram in today's =New York Times=.

Frontal cortex includes the primary [and
some secondary] motor areas. Prefrontal
cortex does not.

With respect to my prior comments re.
leisions to the prefrontal cortex significantly
impacting 'consciousness' [which are not
quoted above], the fact that such lesions
do alter 'personality' indicates that they
simultaneously alter 'consciousness'.

Affect is right-there, at the 'tip' of 'consci-
ousness'. Remove it, and the 'conscious-
ness' that remains is significantly-altered

To varying degrees, it's the 'same' with
respect to any leisions to the nervous
system, even when the leisions are peri-
pheral - as in the case of the "phantom
limb" phenomenon, in which the altera-
tions of 'consciousness' can literally be
observed over the courses of the attend-
ant plastic take-over of the correlated
'abandoned' cortical areas by other

When one analyzes all of this, one sees
that what has been referred to as "consci-
ousness" is 'just' the net result of global
TD E/I-minimization, and includes not only
nervous systems neural Topologies, but
also the energydynamics of the external
environments in which nervous systems

That is, what has been referred to as
"consciousness" is modifiable via mod-
ifications to nervous systems' external

This last consideration is the focus of the
the-invention-of-radio example that's given
at the end of AoK's "Short Paper" section,
and is one perspective on what all of NDT
is about.

Get it?

NDT's understanding [once communicated
and shared] constitutes an 'alteration' of
nervous systems' [external] experiential
environments, and this enables newly-re-
fined 'consciousness' to occur within the
nervous systems - just like in the talking-
invention-of-radio example.

With knowledge of the existence of radio,
what might, otherwise, get someone
burned at the stake, is transformed into
more-than-tolerable stuff.

Get it?

It's the same with NDT's understanding,
except that NDT's understanding does
such in a completely-generalized way.

[It's the same with respect to all 'movement'
with respect to Truth, which is why Truth is
so important.]

ken [k. p. collins]

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