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Devices that read human thought now possible

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 12 12:55:52 EST 2003

"r norman" <rsn_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message
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| On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:16:11 GMT, "KP_PC"
| <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
| > [...]

| I certainly agree that the US Govenment
| has been and continues to be guilty of all
| sorts of awful things.

It's not really them. It's 'blindly'-automated
TD E.I-minimization dictating within the
nervous systems that gives-way to the
perversion of 'science'.

| It is just that this mind control is not one
| of them!

With respect to the stuff the other poster is
discussing, it's not so clear. The monkey
experiments were reported in the =New
York Times= and the =Washington Post=,
and the latter Newspaper discussed how
such implants could be used to interface
'Soldiers' with weapons systems.

I discussed how such implants would,
necessarily, [to the detriment of the 'normal'
information-processing capacities of the
Soldiers, embody a form of 'mind control'
[albeit, as an 'unintended' consequence].

More sinisterly, extraordinarily-more-powerful,
and old-long-since-common-place, is the
'mind-control' inherent in the grants processes -
which is what subverts folks who'd, otherwise,
just do Science, into the sorts of "awful things"
to which you refer above.

As I've discussed in long-former posts, I've
intimate experience. Being offered a blank
check to fund my research, only to be shunted
off into oblivion, when I told those who offered
the funding that I'd not sign anything that'd
require me to keep my work 'secret'.

All that's blatently-obvious, but, through coersed
and accepted acquiesence, tacitly-'invisible',
Mind-Control that forms the main thing that has
brought Humanity to the brink of its non-Survival.

You know - the 'manhatan project' mindset that
shunts everything upon which Humanity's Survival
depends into 'hush-hush', behind-closed-doors
'development' efforts.

Such 'secretive' 'big-science' efforts are not even
Development. They, themselves, bear all the
hallmarks of mind-control, be-cause, rather than
Develop this or that, they actively steer 'research'
with respect to this or that into narrow-spectrum
'profit-seeking' [most often the 'profits' that're
'sought' have been technological 'advantage'
with respect to attaining, and perpetuating,
'dominance' - which is Mind, Body, and Spirit

I find it Tragically-'hilarious' that folks've so
routinely bought into such that 'being-involved'
within such is commonly deemed to 'constitute'
a 'badge of honor' among 'scientists'.

Goot grief! All such does, and all that those
involved in it do, is 'blindly' and automatically
undermine Humanity's Progress.

What's even more Tragically-'hilarious' is that
the 'system' coerses folks so fully that they cannot

| People misunderstand press releases and glowing predictions made by
| people who stand to get a lot of money doing all sorts of strange
| research from actual hard research results.

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