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Devices that read human thought now possible

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 12 14:10:03 EST 2003

You've botched the thread sequence.

But, yes, I did, decades ago.

And it's not 'brown-nosing'. Dr. Norman
and I have been 'through the mill' on
occasion, and have achieved some
mutual(?) respect because we both
'just' Honored Truth.

=Anyone= who does such tends to win
my respect.

K. P. Collins

"Allen L. Barker" <alb at datafilter.com> wrote in message
news:CNfsb.24128$9M3.4683 at newsread2.news.atl.earthlink.net...
| r norman wrote:
| > On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:16:11 GMT, "KP_PC"
| > <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
| >
| >
| >>Hi Dr. Norman,
| >>
| >>I agree with your comments, and have
| >>reiteratively discussed why it's so [in my
| >>discussions of 'implant' stuff, for instance].
| >>Nervous systems are tightly-globally-integrated
| >>information-processing systems, so any
| >>external 'manipulation' alters the stuff that
| >>it would 'manipulate', rendering the intended
| >>'goals' of such 'manipulation' always-beyond-
| >>reach.
| >>
| >>Truth is 'somewhere in the middle', though.
| >>
| >
| > <snip some interesting commentary and personal observations>
| >
| > I certainly agree that the US Govenment has been and continues to
| > guilty of all sorts of awful things.  It is just that this mind
| > control is not one of them!
| >
| > People misunderstand press releases and glowing predictions made
| > people who stand to get a lot of money doing all sorts of strange
| > research from actual hard research results.
| Mind control has a long and sick history, and is REAL.  Those
| who are actually interested in the truth can visit my web pages
| at http://www.datafilter.com/mc.
| Maybe you'll invite Ken to come and talk to you about his theories
| now that he has brown-nosed you and you him.  You know that he
| worked out all of neurobiology decades ago.
| --
| Mind Control: TT&P ==> http://www.datafilter.com/mc
| Home page: http://www.datafilter.com/alb
| Allen Barker

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