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Dendritic Integration (was: high resolution intracellular recordings?)

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 12 15:02:42 EST 2003

"yan king yin" <y.k.y at lycos.com> wrote in message
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| [...]

| It may be possible to record V_soma
| and deduce from it what the *sum* of
| the synpatic inputs have been. With a
| lot of trials it may be possible to *regress*
| those parameters (synaptic weights).
| If this is feasible it may have some very
| useful applications =)
| Thanks a lot,
| Yan King Yin

Indeed. Here's why:

All dendritic arborizations occur
with their own 3-D neural Topology.

All such neural-topological stuff is
rigorously mapped with respect to
the macroscopic neural Topology of
nervous systems.

Therefore, in the dendritic dynamics
that you've addressed , one can literally
read the local contributions with respect
to stuff like, for instance, front-center
orientation and attention.

This stuff has been in AoK all along. It's
part-and-parcel with TD E/I-minimization
within the globally-integrated neural Topology.
[With respect to which, I've recently 'wondered'
if folks do not comprehend the fullness of the
"TD" ["Topologically-Distributed"]. The basic
problem is that nervous systems are 'on the
inside, looking-out'. This means that, within
nervous systems, directionality is inverted
with respect to "acting" and "being acted-
upon", which are Fundamental things that
must be kept-straight within nervous systems
in order to actualize unified Consciousness.

This is what "TD" represents in NDT - this
keeping-directionalities-'straight' [rigorously-
ordered] so that unified Consciousness can
be actualized within a nervous system.

It's all very-straight-forward, but, lately, I've
'wondered' if folks've gotten this "TD" stuff
that's Fundamental within NDT.

So it seemed appropriate to address the
"very useful applications" that Yin has brought
up from the perspective of the 3-D-ness of
dendritic arborizations, which are =all=
rigorously-aligned within the macroscopic
neural Topology via 'simple' TD E/I-minimiza-

Which is verifiable via the stuff that Yin has

But it's all been in AoK [and in much more detail,
in NDT [in my online discussions of NDT]] all along.

The easiest way to see it is by working at a
grosely-oversimplified 'level' with respect to 'pain'-
avoidance. The problem is infinitely-large in scope,
yet nervous systems routinely resolve it in milli-
'second' 'time'-frames, thereby enabling Survival,
despite the infinitely-large scope of the problem.

This requires the elegant neural-topological
alignment discussed above [requires it's global-
ly-integrated topological-distributedness - it's

The "TD" includes the entirety of the Neuroanatomy,
and simultaneously incorporates the alignment-'rule'
discussed above [and throughout AoK].

Get it?

K. P. Collins

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