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Thu Nov 13 09:12:47 EST 2003

"Matthew Kirkcaldie" <Matthew.Kirkcaldie at removethis.newcastle.edu.au>
wrote in message
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| In article <3fb25ab4.72496186 at netnews.att.net>,
|  lesterDELzick at worldnet.att.net (Lester Zick) wrote:
| > I think what you have to recognize is that consciousness in
general is
| > certainly conceptually separable from the body/brain/mind.
| That may be so Lester - but electricity is conceptually seperable
| magnetism, and yet the two are manifestations of a single
phenomenon in
| reality.  The gedankenexperiment is an inadequate tool here
| surprise, it's a product of consciousness!

Excellent point.

| And to answer another bit of this thread, yes, I do believe that
| cellular properties contribute fundamentally to consciousness.  I
| believe my liver is conscious, but I do believe that (for instance)
| the elements of biochemistry it shares with my brain are of
| importance to the type of consciousness which arises from my brain.
| It's not just the pattern of clicks, but the paracrine
| between cells and their interactions with the rest of the body.
| In some ways I believe that the subtlety of interaction which is
| possible in a multidimensional biochemical system like the neurons
| our brain, is what enables so many elements to interact to produce
| cohesive experience.  Their biological nature may bind the neurons
to a
| commonality which is impossible to achieve in a nonliving system.
| there I go with a gedankenexperiment, I think I'll stop rambling
|          Matthew.

'ramble' away.

Your mind is finely-tuned, and such is
always Welcome.

[For those who have AoK, 'oopses',
'whoops-a-daisies', etc., are just the
superficial manifestations of the
"supersystem [re-]configuration"
dynamics that are discussed in Ap5,
and, so, constitute externally-observ-
able instances of the TD E/I-minimiza-
tion "ratchet-pawling" that occurs dur-
ing, and constitute what enables,
'climbing' the WDB2T energy-gradient
toward understanding ['movement
toward' Truth]. If one looks closely, one
also sees the Brilliance of the Evolution-
ary 'Engineer' in-there, because, in the
midsts of  'whoops-a-daisies', depending
upon whether or not TD E/I exists within
the rleatively-small TD E/I(up) 'range' that's
correlated with the activation of "inverting
reward" [AoK, Ap5], one can see the
simultaneous coupling [activation] of what
has been referred to as "sense of humor"
to the "ratchet-pawling" dynamics. This
activation of 'sense-of-humor' stuff results
in behavioral manifestations which assist
social interactors in enduring the external
experience of the 'whoops-a-daisies'.]

It's all so Beautiful.

And, Matthew, you are Adept in all of this.

Good for you.

'Climb' Swiftly and Enduringly.

ken [k. p. collins]

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