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Cognitive Isometrics [was: Re: Measurement of [...]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Nov 14 01:52:56 EST 2003

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:ycaqb.206312$0v4.16283778 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| Or, if you just want to have fun, 'suspend'
| your subject in a 'webbing' that's comprised
| of orthogonally-ordered spring scales. Here,
| the readings would be 'isometric', with the
| subject holding his position while you read
| all the scales. This last method would give
| a lot of smiles [and probably some deep
| insights into your subject's psychological
| predispositions :-]

I wrote the above as a joke to myself, and
have been waiting to see if anyone'd pick-
up on it.

Is it waste?

Or are folks 'reading the scales'?

Tonight, the wind is blowing so hard that
it's puffing-up my curtains :-]

I'll have to get some of that plastic window-
sealing stuff.

I'm pretty-sure I'm going to end this skip-a-
stone online 'life' tomorrow, so, if anyone
has been 'itching' to say anything with respect
to anything I've posted during it, please do
so before noon U.S.-E.S.T., tomorrow.

I really don't want to 'log-off', but I'll never
get to the work I want to do this winter if
I don't [to lift things, more, I've got to strip
myself of all the stuff that's 'comforting',
which makes me 'miserable', which makes
the work relatively-'pleasant'. I'll pretend that
She Loves me, again, and, maybe. that'll
get-me-through-it "-]

I've crammed enough into this online 'period',
anyway, no?

[I was really hoping that someone would
take up the challenge with respect to the
NYT article at the URL I posted the other

I did Learn something new-to-me from it -
that there's "300 miles" of 'wiring' in 'the
brain'. Which is impressive because it's
all comprised of minimal circuit-lengths.
[Challenge, anyone? [Don't. You'll 'lose' :-]]

Man! "lose" is a word that =really= needs
a better spelling - 'looze'.

You won't 'loase' :-]

What this 'dallying' means is that I'm already
getting 'miserable' at the thought of 'parting',
once again.

Hold the Cheers :-]

'pathetic', no?

Where's David when I need someone to tell
me how 'miserable' I am? :-]

"Oh well."

This is as close as I can come to "Roasting"
you folks - my Friends - my Colleagues in

But, if you've got stuff that needs addressing,
address-it before noon, tomorrow.

I'm feeling really-old these 'days', and getting
really-'cheap' in this 'old-age' - want to save the
22-bucks x months.

I usually have a nice chat with the cancellation

Like she's an old-friend, and enjoy being
able to talk with her.

I do the same when I'm out-and-about - lift
strangers up, and all that.

Dally, dally, dally.

"Parting" ain't, at all, "sweet sorrow".

It's just Sorrow.

But, at least, I'll have 'time' to cover-my-windows
[ the slatted crank-out kind - broken cranks :-]

It's 'fitting', I guess - "broken cranks".

Maybe pour some more ~~$10-stuff down the
kitchen sink. I'm into that 'plumbing' for ~~$50
already - to paraphrase Lincoln, "Nothing touches
the [clogged] spot." [Sorry, Abe, but I'm sure you'd
be the first to understand. Well, one of the first.]

Given the 'state' of the 'plumbing' in this pile-of-
sheet-metal, I'm reluctant to try the no-holds-
barred stuff.

Dally, dally, dally.

Books staring me in the face.

Many Adventures to be had.

But all I want is a "hand to hold".

Or, an ear to hear - so I can, then, feel Free to
seek a "hand to hold" - you know, where she
wouldn't have to deal with all the B.S.

I'll check-in tomorrow-AM.


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