Is there a technical neuroscience newsgroup?

Matthew Kirkcaldie Matthew.Kirkcaldie at
Fri Nov 14 01:50:39 EST 2003

In article <11e8ea38.0311132139.42839a28 at>,
 chigg34 at (Chris) wrote:

> Thanks for the ref, Giddeon. 
> After a bit of searching I finally found "A simple method for
> fabricating ... microwire arrays", Tsai & Yen in Neuroscience Methods
> 2003 (in press).

Good luck Chris - sorry I wasn't able to contribute, but I'd hate to 
think neuroscientists were put off posting here by the sideshows.



PS: maybe if you make some conceptual posts then the generalists here 
can chime in - good discussions to be had, and LOTS of detailed 
knowledge on offer.

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