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Dag Stenberg dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi.invalid
Thu Nov 20 05:33:58 EST 2003

In bionet.neuroscience pavan03 <Monsieur_Lynx at brown.edu> wrote:
> 2)All the matter in my body is present in a corpse, however quite
> clearly, I am not.  What am I composed of? Again, this must be
> something non-physical ...
> 3)Matter is determinate!! This is fairly obvious. Any physical
> substance mechanically obeys physical laws. It has no capability to
> desire or choose. You, quite clearly, are capable of doing so. Thus
> you are distinct from matter.
> 4)Matter can't experience. You're capable of experiencing, but the
> cells and molecules and what-not that make up your body are no
> different from the matter found in the external world (indeed they
> actually do come from the food i eat). No part of my body is not
> capable of feeling/knowing/etc., however I am (that is, that
> non-physical substance is called a soul).
>    Because a lot of scientists don't understand that, they try to do
> all kinds of weird things, like for example, they see the brain
> functioning and producing electricity and imagine how the brain can
> "store" knowledge, or "produce" consciousness. ....

Consciousness as an emergent property of matter in the nervous system
was quite well outlined long ago by Roger Sperry, an acknowledged
scientist in the field. Could I trouble you to read at least one of his
essays on the problem?

Dag Stenberg

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