Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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> >That's kind of begging the question: you don't know what exactly gives
> >to consiousness, you merely guess that it is the brain that gives rise to
> >it. Perhaps it's the spirit that does give rise to the consiousness and
> >(the spirit) can only communicate with the intact brain.
> Consciousness is produced by CNS, if you drink two bottle of whisky, the
> "spirit" in that whisky, get you drunk, your consciousness is touched by
> that "spirit".

Who says conciousness is produced by the CNS? It may be produced by
something else, for example it may be a consequence of quantumcomputing-like
effects in all cells of the body put together. You are begging the question,
you have no way of proving that consiousness is produced by the CNS.


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