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mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 28 09:56:24 EST 2003

>    What if the brain actually does store knowledge?
> 1)If brain cells get replaced over time, so should the knowledge
> that's stored in it.

even if the cells were replaced why should this not be possible?  If a
cell is replaced by one that is situates itself the same way within
the network/organisation the information contained in the newtork
would be the same

> 2)If knowledge is stored in my brain, rather than in me, then when I'm
> no longer there, and my brain's still around, one would expect to find
> "knowledge" contained in it!

why is this so implausible?  if you could interpret the network
structure.. though I would say its as much about activation patterns
as structure so...
a corollary to this: if 'lesser' animals (rats? insects?) are not
thought to be conscious, i.e. not have a soul in your terms, yet they
undoubtedly store information about the world, where is this stored?

> 3)The input that enters my eyes for example, is simply light waves.
> This somehow would have to be converted into "knowing" what's out
> there, which is bizarre--how would anything be able to extract
> knowledge out of light rays?

If knowledge is based upon information and information is difference
then differing wavelengths hitting different photoreceptors gives you

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