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'gravity' [was Re: 'gravioty']

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 3 17:52:26 EST 2003

BTW, this stuff has been in TH for at least 25 years.
I've discussed it repeatedly here in b.n and in other
online 'places'.

It's the way TH handles what's been referred to
as "radioactive decay" - Deterministically.

I've added an important thing to the discussion

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| "`Other Dimensions? She's in Pursuit'
| Published: September 30, 2003"
| http://www.nytimes.com/2003/09/30/science/30MARI.html
| It's not necessary to invoke dimensions greater
| than three.
| It's in Tapered Harmony that, if it looks like a
| quantity of energy is 'going away', it's be-cause
| that energy is just 'winking-out' of =observability=
| as its ephemerance [freedom to move] increases
| beyond a threshold, and the energy 'just' returns to
| the UES.
| This's all Testable.
| Iff physical reality is as above, an Observable increase
| in the quantity of applied energy that's required to
| produce the 'usual' 'particle'-collision dynamics will
| occur.
| This's be-cause, when energy returns to the UES,
| the UES 'pressure' local to that 'event' augments,
| which 'bolsters' all local SSW<->UES harmonics'
| energy-'containment' dynamics.
| I'll be surprised if all the data necessary to Verify
| this position has not already been collected at
| Fermilab and.or CERN.
| The only 'difficulty' is that a continuous stream of data
| is Necessary. You can't 'pick-and-choose' as the folks
| at Fermilab are doing - or you'll miss the thing that
| you want to observe - the 'instantaneous'-but-exceed-
| ingly-fleeting augmentation of collision stability [which
| will be Observable as an 'instantaneous' event-decrease.
| Get it?
| The dynamics are roughly-analogous to what happens
| when one gets into one's car on a cold morning, drives
| off without allowing the engine to warm-up, and stomps
| the accelerator - the fuel-air mixture often becomes too-
| rich, and the engine loses power briefly.
| The diminution of detector events is analogous to this
| be-cause the local UES is 'too-rich' :-]
| Should be 'easy' to see in already-recorded data [unless
| the continuous stream has been tossed-out - no problem -
| record a continuous stream]. All that's required is to crunch
| the data looking for fluctuations in the decay-product
| 'volume'.

"fluctuations" isn't the right term.

The Observables will be 'instantaneously'-augmented
stability that's 'time'-correlated to energy going back to
the UES.

Given such 'missing energy', plot it the way you please,
the 'fluctuations' in decay-product volume will 'always' plot
on your 3-D coordinates in the 'direction' of fleetingly-
increased-'stability'. kpc

| ken [K. P. Collins]

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