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CNS Symptoms of a Theoretical Calcium Insufficiency

r norman rsn_ at _comcast.net
Sun Oct 5 14:09:05 EST 2003

On 5 Oct 2003 11:01:17 -0700, glucegen at excite.com (Radium) wrote:

>What if both the intracellular and extracellular levels of calcium are zero?

I find it hard to understand your persistence in pursuing this topic.
Although Ca++ is normally held to a very low value inside a cell
(typically below 0.1 micromolar concentration), it is quite essential
for a tremendous number of cell activities.

Whether a cell can sustain a total absence of calcium and recover once
the calcium is restored is debatable.  However, a cell simply will not
function without any calcium.  

You already know it is essential for contractility and for secretion
including the release of neurotransmitter at the synapse.  It is also
absolutely essential for all sorts of other processes.  For example
(there are literally hundreds more example)

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