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Visual imagination without visual experiences...?

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 5 20:39:56 EST 2003


Study the Life experiences of Helen Keller.

Ms. Keller was both blind and deaf.

She had a =Great= Teacher who fought through
the problem you've raised. [I'm Sorry, I don't recall
this Teacher's name - can anybody provide it? [I'm
presently running late for this night's employment.]]

The solution converged upon entailed 'mapping'
non-visual stimulation with respect to external reality.

For example, 3-D touch sensation of an object
was cross-correlated with motor interaction be-
tween Ms. Keller and her Teacher.

Variations include stuff like holding, and the Student's
touching, a feather that's held in front of a Teacher's
mouth as the Teacher pronounces words - or the
Student's gently touching the throat of the Teacher
as the Teacher vocalizes - or holding an object
in the Student's hand, and truning it in all directions
in 3-D space until its entire 3-D structure is sensed
via touch, with the Teacher constantly working to
provide cross-correlation via motor interaction [This
motor interaction is necessary in order to guide
convergence upon Recognitions. For those who
have it, these things are discussed in AoK, Ap5 & 6.]

Typically, the first break-through to a viable Recognition
is quite hard to accomplish, but, once it happens, suc-
ceeding recognitions come as a flood [which is nicely
demonstrated in the Life of Helen Keller].

Come to think of it, it's not so different from Sighted
Learning - only the additional sensory-motor 're-map-
ings' are additionally-necessary.

Good luck - and be relentlessly-Persistent.

ken collins

"Anna R." <tutaj at nie.podam.com> wrote in message
news:blpv7g$1dj$1 at atlantis.news.tpi.pl...
| Ave
| Have anybody ever make blind person imaging a picture?
| It's easy, when one is born with the health eyes and loose this
sense later,
| but if somebody was born blind and even  ligt and color is for him
| completely unknown...?
| How to stimulate the parts of the brain, that never have been
active...? Did
| someone try it anyhow?
| If you know anything about it, please tell me. It can be very
helpful for
| me.
|         misericordia at siec2000.pl

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