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The Nonlinearity of Perspective - again [was Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 6 12:27:36 EST 2003


"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:mpegb.166377$0v4.12583282 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| | | Anyway, the denominator in the Planck
| | | black body equation,
| | |
| | | exponent = (h * C) / (WaveLength * BoltzK * TempK)
| | | denominator = WaveLength ^ 5 * ((e.NL ^ exponent) - 1),
| | |
| | | itself exhibits NL-P variability - extremely-rapid
| | | incrementing at short wavelengths [high frequencies].
| | |
| | | What the Planck equation does is approximate
| | | the NL-P that derives Exactly and Deterministically
| | | in the SSW<->UES 'compression'<->'expansion'
| | | harmonics NL-P variability.
| | |
| | | It's all in the little QBasic apps that I've posted in
| | | long-former discussions.
| | |
| | | Check it out.
| |
| | If you do, say, varying TempK by 1000, you'll get
| | plots that're =Exactly= analogous to the plots of
| | the NL-P that are included in Ap6 of the paper
| | edition of AoK [with respect to the "nonlinearity
| | of perspective" of approaching objects, with
| | discussion of how this enters into visual-motor
| | [whole-body motor] coordination, with particular
| | respect to collision-avoidance].
| [...]

CORRECTION: It's =NOT= Exactly analogous.

The Planck equation contains more 'fudge' than
I noticed when I scanned the data. Since the
numerator is constant, it's all in the denominator.

I wrote a little app this AM that discloses it.

I'll post it as a reply to this msg.

The physically-real energydynamics of the black body
power spectrum are as I discussed them earlier in this
thread. It's =all= the NL-P - the way that SSW 'density'
increases with TempK and frequency 'optimizes' at
the BB power spectrum max, then, as the NL-P
accelerates, the SSWs become so increasingly-
'compressed' that they are virtually-'alone' within the
black body - they 'find no partners' with whom to
interact be-cause their NL-P's are so 'jacked-up', their
interaction possibilities are commensurately-fleeting.
The BB power spectrum drops-off at high frequencies,
reflecting this decrementing in interaction-potential.

Sounds like my 'life' :-]

"I believe it is an established maxim in
morals that he who makes an assertion
without knowing whether it is true or false
is guilty of falsehood, and the accidental truth
of the assertion does not justify or excuse him."
(Abraham Lincoln)

I Agree.

I Apologize for over-stating the analogy.

"I shall try to correct errors where shown to
be errors, and I shall adopt new views as fast
as they shall appear to be true views."
(Abraham Lincoln)

I Agree.

The QBasic app provides the clarification.

[The app that plotted the stuff in AoK, Ap6 that
I discussed earlier is Pure NL-P, and doesn't
correspond to the variation at low frequencies
given by the Planck BB equation.]

Anyway, what I'm saying is that 'Quantum
Mechanics' is a False representation of
physical reality.

Forgive me, Please [or not], it 'succeeds' by
piling-on 'epicycles' that just don't have physically-
real correlates.


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