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The Nonlinearity of Perspective - again [was Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 7 08:41:10 EST 2003

"TODAY/PC  V1.0 (c) 1986 by Patrick Kincaid

Good morning!  It's 7:37am on Tuesday October 7, 2003

Happy Birthday to...
   In 1885 Niels Bohr, physicist & Nobel laureate, expanded quantum

It's not a good 'day' to have a 'disagreement'
with 'quantum mechanics', but Neils Bohr always
pursued what was in his 'heart', so I think he'd

Hopefully, so will all those who hold his heart
in thier 'hearts'.

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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| | Remember the Appoll[o] Moon Missions?
| |
| | Remember the awesome Saturn-5's?
| |
| | The greatest proportion of the fuel they consumed
| | in sending the Eagle, and its mates, to the moon
| | was consumed in close proximity to the launch pad.
| |
| | That's the NL-P, which is always in the energydynamics.
| |
| | Of course the Engineers who designed the Saturn-5
| | Calculated all of this, but they didn't See the NL-P -
| | nor, more-importantly, its Universality.
| | [...]

"Well, duh, f = ma. There is more mass at launch,
so greater force is required, but, as fuel is con-
sumed, there is less mass to be accelerated, so,
of course, the proportionalities are as you say,
Ken, but so what? All that is needed is classical
mechanics. There is no need for any new physics."

Nothing in anything I've said 'tosses-out' either
Classical or 'quantum' Mechanics.

But there is New Physics in-there.

One just has to escape the Dictates of the
'familiar' old-and-modern-traditional stuff and
See the New stuff.

See, it isn't 'mass' that determines the fuel-
consumption proportionalities.

It's the underpinning energydynamics that are

I'm talking about Seeing the energy-flow dynamics
that are what's described by 2nd Thermo.

They are what, in fact, Determines what's been
referred to as "mass".

'mass' is a measure of energy's freedom to move -
energy's ephemerance.

That's all 'mass' is.

The physical reality is Deeper, deriving in the
raw energydynamics that =can be= measured
in a measurement called "mass", but measuring
them that way does not, somehow, 'transform' the
energydynamics into anything other than the

It's 'easier' to See al of this stuff from the per-
spective of NDT, so I'll take a side-trip into that
Theory's stuff.

These are the considerations that are addressed
in NDT by "biological mass" and "behavioral inertia".

"Biological mass", if you recall from prior posts,
takes the form of "microscopic trophic modifications"
within the neural topology. Biological mass literally
grows within our nervous systems, and, as it does,
it exerts "behavioral inertia" upon subsequent
neural activation within TD E/I-minimization dyn-

The result of this is referred to as "learning" and
the behavioral changes that become manifest

With respect to nervous system function, "biological
mass" is =exactly= analogous to physical mass, but,
in nervous system function it's 'easy' to See whence
comes the biological mass. It is created as a result
of a nervous system's TD E/I-minimization energy-

So, from the perspective of nervous system function,
it's falt-out easy to See the underpinning energy-
dynamics, and, from there, it's only a small 'step' to
Seeing that what's in nervous systems with respect to
"biological mass" is Verifiably in all of physical reality
with respect to what has been referred to as "mass".

The Proof is 'simple'.

If it were otherwise, nervous systems would not be
capable of directing the manifestation of behaviors
that successfully operate upon physical 'mass'.

Get it?

Our nervous systems have been way-ahead of Phyiscs
since before Science ever got its start. They've. all along,
been doing everything in terms of the underpinning energy-
dynamics. They literally grasp the energydynamics, turn
them upside-down, inside-out, and backward, and op-
erate upon them at their raw 'level'.

For example, a nervous system doesn't see a physical
'mass'. Instead, it Sees the energy-requirements of op-
erating upon that 'mass'.

Then, it cross-correlates its Seeing of the underpinning
energydynamics with consensually-agreed-upon 'language'-
interfest stuff and directs its host organism to manifest
verbal symbols that, consensually, more or less 'address'
the external refferant of the underpinning energydynamics.

So, do you See where this is going?

"Physics" - all of Science - has, to date [forgive me, Please,
outside of NDT and TH] been 'handicapped' by having to
'translate' the underpinning energydynamics into crudely-
representative 'language'-interface stuff, which, to date,
outside of NDT and TH, includes all Maths.

"Gasp! Not Maths too!"

Yup, Maths too.

You can See this in the little "f = ma" discourse above.

Yeah, "f = ma" allows the fuel required by the Saturn-5
to be calculated, but it doesn't allow the Why's, inherent,
to be calculated. It just 'says', "Do this, and that will hap-

Doesn't explain Why "doing this" is followed by "that

The Why had to be Resolved before NDT would 'come-
to-Life'. TH extends the Why to all of physical reality.

The Saturn-5 doesn't consume fuel "because of 'mass`".

It consumes fuel be-cause of the Universal energy-
dynamics that are WDB2T.

Too-little fuel consumption, and the result is just
dissipated back into the UES, without the rocket
budging from the launch pad.

Too much fuel consumption, and the rocket explodes.

The two 'ends' of WDB2T's =always= there NL-P,
See-able in their relative degrees of 'action'.

So, what is 'action'?

It is the result of an energy-flow =in-interaction=
with WDB2T.

All available physical-experimental data substan-
tiates that WDB2T provides the 'hook', throughout
physical reality, that permits 'action' to occur.

So, if everything within physical reality depends
on this 'hook', it's good to 'cut-to-the-chase, and
calculate with respect to the 'hook'.

It's everywhere.

As I've discussed earlier, it's Why what's been
referred to as "the speed of light" appears to be

It's Why too-little energy-expenditure doesn't
move a 'mass'. It's Why too-much energy-
expenditure destroys the 'mass'. And every-
thing 'in-between' [and 'beyond' these simplistic
'end-points' - at all scales within physical reality].

Look closer at the 'hook', and you'll See that it's
form is always an energy-flow differential, and
that that energy-flow differential always occurs in
rigorous accord with the NL-P - be-cause, to get
a "reaction", an "action" =must= delimit energy's
freedom to move - it's ephemerance to a degree
that locally-alters the local UES energy-gradient
beyond a threshold that is WDB2T. Else the
energy applied is sub-threshold, and it 'just' dis-
ipates back into the UES.

All of physical reality behaves in accord with the
NL-P be-cause the NL-P Maps all possible energy-
flow thresholds - be-cause it Maps ephemerance -
energy's freedom to move.

Max ephemerance is 'just' the UES, with it's inherent
one way flow of energy from order to dis-order that
is WDB2T.

To get 'action' [and 'reaction'], one =must= restrict
ephemerance beyond the WDB2T-Determined
threshold - one must 'hook' Universal WDB2T by
exceeding that threshold.

The threshold for any 'mass' is Determined by the
SSW<->UES harmonics which comprise it, which
are, themselves, 'hooked-up' with WDB2T be-cause,
during some creation violence [deep in stars, or in the
"Big Bang" itself], more energy was 'trapped' within
a spherical 'volume' than can escape through the
spherical surface-atea without exceeding the local
WDB2T threshold [otherwise referred to as "c" ["the
speed of light"].

So, to 'move' a 'mass', energy sufficient to alter all
of the SSW<->UES harmonics that comprise the
'mass', in a directionally-biased way, must be ex-

This's =Exactly= what our nervous systems do, in
a massively-parallel, exquisitely-orchestrated way,
when they create "biological mass" and, subsequ-
ently, use it to operate upon physical reality in
order to adapt to physical reality in Surviving ways.

TD E/I-minimization is the 'Conductor' of this

That's Why, when one looks into nervous systems'
neural Topology, one is, literally, able to See all
of physical reality.

That is, the "special topological homeomorphism
of [...] nervous systems" physically =maps= phys-
ical reality.

This's why I've 'jumped-up-and-down' so much
about what's right-there to See in the phenomenon
of decussation.

It's literally a Map of physical reality that's directly-
readable in its Topology [in its Geometry].

The "special topological homeomorphism
of [...] nervous systems" is literally a Maths de-
cription of physical reality.

Look at it and study it, and you literally See the
Universal energydynamics.

That's Why "f = ma" is inadequate.

It doesn't see, or address, the underpinning
3-D energydynamics.

Get it?

Extra credit: Analyze the "volitional diminishing-
returns" decision [AoK, Ap7] in terms of the "non-
linearity of perspective"-nature of WDB2T. [This's
a straightforward exercise, and both Fun and ex-
tremely-informative to do. [It's literally all of
'Economics', for instance, and extremely-very-
much more.]]

Extra-extra-credit: Work to understand relative-
restricted-ness of energy's freedom to move -
"ephemerance". It's =all= that happens within
nervous systems.

"[heart] = TD E/I[down]"

[heart] to you and yours.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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