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The Nonlinearity of Perspective - again [was Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 7 12:31:12 EST 2003

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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| [...]

| Extra credit: Analyze the "volitional diminishing-
| returns" decision [AoK, Ap7] in terms of the "non-
| linearity of perspective"-nature of WDB2T. [This's
| a straightforward exercise, and both Fun and ex-
| tremely-informative to do. [It's literally all of
| 'Economics', for instance, and extremely-very-
| much more.]]
| [...]

All of 'Economics'?


What Economists have 'missed' is that =each=
nervous system's volitional diminishing-returns
decision thresholding is Determined within ind-
ividually-unique experience [via the 'Coulomb
force' DNA-RNA tuning within the special Top-
ological homeomorphism of each nervous system].

Different experience 'sets' the V D-R threshold
differentially - what's 'attractive' to one individual
can be 'repulsive' to another individual, depending
upon the individuals' experiences.

See AoK, Ap4 - in particular, the discussions of the
"continuum of relative familiarities" and "affective

What NDT does for Economics is to get the 'guess-
work' outta-there - replacing it with the Difficulty of
actually having to be Cognizant of =individual=

'Economics' that 'plays-the-averages' is 'just' an
institutionalized form of Prejudice.

There's no 'way-around' the need for Human Beings
to Care for one another's =individual= "experiential

Neglect such, and to the degree of such, TD E/I(up)
is induced within populations.

Get this one thing straight, and, 'you' won't be able
to keep up with 'your' Economic Good-Fortune.

It'll be as a flood.

What's that?

"It's impossible to deal with myriad individuals
as you say above, Ken."

Not True.

All folks have to do is the work inherent in under-
standing how nervous systems process informa-

And that's laid at your feet in NDT.

There's no 'magic' in it.

The understanding is what enables =individuals=
to Care for one another - to ~~"do unto others as
they'd have done to themselves."


It's not the 'Corporations' that steer Economies.

It's TD E/I-minimization within =individual=
nervous systems that =Determines= Economies,
and everything else within the realm of Human

Why not get this one, all-encompassing thing,

Why not do that =First=?

ken [k. p. collins]

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