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Could a male fertility pill adversely affect inhibition via allopregnanolone levels?

r norman rsn_ at _comcast.net
Tue Oct 7 21:28:20 EST 2003

On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 02:05:56 GMT, kofi <kofi at anon.un> wrote:

>There's a new male contraceptive pill being tested which involves doses 
>of testosterone - human, I would hope - combined with progestin, a 
>synthetic progesterone derivative.  Used together, they're reported to 
>shut down sperm production.
>Leaving aside efficacy, I'd like to point out a few things about the 
>dangers of interfering with the progesterone system.
<snip a bunch of stuff>

>Given all this, what danger does progesterone/progestin administration 
>pose in males - particularly those with preexisting conditions?  Would 
>it necessitate some sort of precautionary supplementation with GABA or 
>L-Theanine or something more potent to regain GABAergic function or 
>would it be impossible?  What would the long term risks be for 
>neurodegeneration - especially if you already had some?
>Neurosteroids are a pretty muddy and fairly new topic in research.  I've 
>posted this article in various place in the hopes of getting a reply 
>from people who have looked at the problem from several other angles.  
>I'm in contact with women who suffer TMJ pain and post-partum depression 
>and I want to help them find answers.  I'm curious to know if I've 
>bungled the research at all or I've glossed over some pretty big and 
>necesary parts of the hormone web because this already has some 
>relevance for my own health.

<snip about 1500 lines of research about steroids>

Yes, there might be some untoward side effects involved with a male
contraceptive pill.  Women have been subject to this for many decades,
now.  So it is perfectly fine for them to simply continue while we men
absolutely refuse to consider the idea because there might be some
down side?

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