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The Nonlinearity of Perspective - again [was Re: 'gravity' [___]]

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Tue Oct 7 21:41:32 EST 2003


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| [...]

| That's Why, when one looks into nervous systems'
| neural Topology, one is, literally, able to See all
| of physical reality.
| That is, the "special topological homeomorphism
| of [...] nervous systems" physically =maps= phys-
| ical reality.
| This's why I've 'jumped-up-and-down' so much
| about what's right-there to See in the phenomenon
| of decussation.
| It's literally a Map of physical reality that's directly-
| readable in its Topology [in its Geometry].
| The "special topological homeomorphism
| of [...] nervous systems" is literally a Maths de-
| cription of physical reality.
| Look at it and study it, and you literally See the
| Universal energydynamics.
| [...]


A better way of saying it is that the "special
topological homeomorphism| of [...] nervous
systems" is literally a Map of how physical
reality works.

Read the Map.

"Russian and 2 Americans Win Nobel Prize Physics Honors

Published: October 8, 2003"


Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"In a Communist country, nobody could save any money," said Dr.
Abrikosov, who emigrated from Russia in 1991. "I think this money, it
solves my problems."

He also said he had not yet retired. For one thing, he said he could
explain the workings of high-temperature superconductors, a class
discovered in the 1980's that defy B.C.S. theory.

"I know the answer," Dr. Abrikosov said, "and one day I will write a

Me too : -]

On all accounts, it seems.

"What!? The U. S. A. isn't a Communist country.!"

Superficially, no, but I'm trying to give folks reason
to see things from the perspective of my experience.

Lincoln commented upon the Same-Stuff:

~~"it's the domineering spirit which says, 'You
work, and I'll eat.`"

I'm not 'angry'.

I'm just working to enable 'you' to See a bit

The Same-Stuff routinely happens all over the
place in the U. S. A - myriad folks work, only to
have the vast majority of the fruits of their labors
taken from them.

And folks 'cop-out' by saying, "Hey, that's just
the way capitalism works."

Please Think about it, a bit.

You know - it's Good to See Truth.

Seeing Truth Enables Action-in-Truth.

k. p. collins

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