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Visual imagination without visual experiences...?

John H. johnh at faraway.com.au
Thu Oct 9 04:36:33 EST 2003

I heard of this many years ago, echolocation in humans, it appears that some
to develop the ability and the article below concerns the efforts of certain
scientists to make such an ability more readily available. The results looks
promising, once again demonstrating the remarkable ability of the sensory
corticies to make sense out of something out there even if it aint quite the
usual something that evolution had reliably anticipated for the very greater
part. Taken together with the forced constraint movement therapy, it raises
annoying questions about what brains are doing.

The below article is not related directly to your question but it does
demonstrates that the blind can form a type of sketchpad of their
environment, a probable location for the same being the lateral geniculate
nucleus, a relay station on the way to the occiptal cortex which also
receives efferents from the same. People who are cortically blind may still
have intact lgns, though I suspect any representations created in this
region lie below consciousness except for the greater part (hmmm, maybe that
where ectopic images come from??). However, I remember reading about one of
Nicholas Humphrey's chips, surgically blinded but over time developed an
awareness of her environment but only at crude visual level, nonetheless the
significant thing here was the gradual improvement over many years. There
are also studies indicating that in optic nerve damage spontaneous
regeneration can occur, though the possibility of useful connectivity
remains a question, the general plasticity and adaptability of the brain (as
our modern technology so clear attests), suggests we should not be too
surprised by what we may learn tomorrow.

Blind 'see with sound'
"Anna R." <tutaj at nie.podam.com> wrote in message
news:blpv7g$1dj$1 at atlantis.news.tpi.pl...
> Ave
> Have anybody ever make blind person imaging a picture?
> It's easy, when one is born with the health eyes and loose this sense
> but if somebody was born blind and even  ligt and color is for him
> completely unknown...?
> How to stimulate the parts of the brain, that never have been active...?
> someone try it anyhow?
> If you know anything about it, please tell me. It can be very helpful for
> me.
>         misericordia at siec2000.pl

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