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pseudo-solid Water [was Re: The Black-Body Power Spectrum [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sat Oct 11 00:36:24 EST 2003

If 'you' can't see this with 'your' own mower,
perhaps that's because I altered the balance
of my mower's blade when I sharpened it, re-
sulting in my mower's deck vibrating just-right
to produce the 'water-oscillon' phenomenon.

It's Replicable on my machine. [I went back
to observe it again, and there it was, although,
interestingly, it was a bit less robust in the 2nd
trial - probably because, since I'd thoroughly-
cleaned the mower, the deck's drain-hole was
completely-unblocked. When I initially observed
the phenomenon, there was debris, left over
from mowing Dad's lawn, still partially-blocking
this drain-hole - which probably means that the
flow through this drain-hole is part of the over-
all tuning dynamics.]

So, anyway, if 'you' can't observe the phenom-
enon on 'your' machine, 'you' are Welcome to
come and Replicate the experiment on mine.

It's Worth the effort.

There was an Article in the Thursday, 2003-10-09,
=New York Times=, "Adding Weight to Suspicion.
Sonar is Linked to Whale Deaths", by A. O'Connor,
[I don't have the page #].

I've not completely worked-it-out, yet, but the nitrogen
bubble's formation in the Whales' bodies is an NL-P-
correlated phenomenon. I am Certain of this be-
cause it has all the hallmarks, robustly.

The phenomenon is akin to "sonoluminescence",
but acts with respect to the Whale's 'normal'
nitrogen-handling mechanism[s], imposing dis-
order upon it [them] - which results in the nitro-
gen's killing-accumulation.

To complete my analysis, I need more data, that
might not be available because it pertains to the
Whale's behavior, which is probably recorded in
the SONAR data, but which will probably remain

Anyway ^ 2, my long-ago 'wondering' with respect to
the Whale's 'beaching' behavior's possibly being
these intelligent Being's way of attempting to
'Plead' with Humans to stop inflicting such Harm
upon them, is, now, less a 'wondering', and more
an 'expectation'. After having analyzed the problem
themselves, arriving at the connection between
their numbers' Dying and the proximity of SONAR's
generation, they are probably trying to Communicate
with Humans in the only way that they can - by coming
to us, and showing us what we've done to them(?)

[Anyway ^ 3, this SONAR-stuff's Killing of Whales
flies in the face of International Conventions that
are meant to Protect Whales Lives.

Curious instance of "continuum of relative familiar-
ities" [AoK, Ap4] stuff, no?


It rends-the-'heart' that there's all this being the
result of weapons systems, and complete-"inaction"
with respect to NDT's understanding.]

Anyway ^ 4, =another= water main broke on my
street today, and I've pretty-much given-up on the
kitchen-sink. Where do I put the stuff that's
crammed into my trailer while tearing-down
the wall?

I'll just have to eat sandwhiches for the rest of my
Life :-]

"Oh well."

Some Good will come of this, yet more, TD E/I(up),
please bear-with-me if what comes of it is 'Difficult'.

ken [k. p. collins]

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:XVFhb.175663$3o3.13005281 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Mhrhb.175006$3o3.12934736 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| | Another experiment that 'you' =really=
| | have to do.
| |
| | When I went over to mow Dad's lawn
| | this afternoon, the grass was pretty-high,
| | but I had my trusty Honda [tm] Harmony [tm]
| | mower that has a hydrostatic transmission
| | [I bought it for Dad when I was actually gainfully
| | employed]. It has a Hydrostatic [tm?] transmis-
| | sion - so I could vary its forward [motion]
| | nonlinearly :-] when the grass got thick.
| |
| | The NL-P is everywhere.
| |
| | Then, because it was probably the last 'time'
| | I'll use it this year, I washed the mower care-
| | fully, leaving it running as I did so [so any
| | water that splashed into places where it's
| | better for water not to go would evaporate -
| | WDB2T you know].
| |
| | And that's when the 'experiment' showed
| | itself to me.
| |
| | There was water collected in a shallow
| | 'well' on the top of the [m]ower-deck. It was
| | about 1/4-inch deep. The mower was
| | running at full-power, and water-'oscillons'
| | formed on it's 'surface'.
| |
| | These water-'oscillons' were =SPECTACULAR=,
| | looking like all kinds of 'rigid' geometrical
| | shapes.
| They looked, literally, like they had ;solidified
| in the water - as if the water had 'frozen' - un-
| dergone a phase-change.
| It's the NL-P :-]
| The shape of the mower's deck [the form that
| covers and protects the user from the blade's
| forceful rotation] probably had a lot to do with it -
| the deck probably formed a 'convex lens' - but
| the water-'oscillons' were vibrating so rapidly that
| they apeared to be 'solid'.
| [If 'your' mower's deck doesn't produce the
| phenomenon, and you don't know anyone with
| a Honda Harmony [walk-behind, vintage ~~1995
| [I recently shopped for a new blade, and found that
| the blade Geometry on newer models had changed,
| so, perhaps the deck Geometry on newer models
| has also changed - I ended-up sharpening my old
| blade to save the $], I'll gladly crank mine up for
| 'you'. I'll even supply the water :-]
| And, man-oh-man! Their Geometry was =spectac-
| ular=. There were all sorts of spectacularly-facetted
| shapes - 'pyramids', 3-D 'rhombusses' [which actually
| extended more than 1/8-inch above the surface of
| the surrounding water, and, at their upper extents,
| were actually 'jutting' over the water below - like
| radically-cut saw teeth - only, distributed one-here-
| one-there [not in a sequence like on a Carpenter's
| hand-saw's blade]. 'cubes', etc.
| Seeing this spectacular Geometry in what I knew
| was liquid-phase water almost knocked me on
| my butt :-]
| It was somewhat like a miniature version of the
| frozen secret hide-away of Superman in one of
| the Christopher Reeve movies [only the 'crystals'
| stood-alone rather than sliding against one an-
| other like in the movie [except in the 'fractured-
| glass', 'shallower-water', region where the 'crys-
| talization' formed a 'flat' 'sheet' - like a fractured,
| but still macroscopically-intact automobile wind-
| shield]].
| The water-'oscillons' typically had 'sharp' edges -
| just like Geometrical 'ideals', but had 3-D Geom-
| etries that were 'exotic'.
| Viewing them literally took my breath away.
| I knew this was liquid-phase water, yet, these
| 'crystals' were so seemingly-'solid' that it was
| as if my visual-sensation was 'hit by a sledge-
| hammer' - way-'unfamiliar'.
| But it all got Real-'Familiar', Real-Quick.
| TD E/I(down, down)->"True reward" [AoK, Ap5]->
| Recognition.
| "It's the NL-P!" :-]
| Such a Beautiful [and informative] Instance!
| | On another area of the mower deck, where
| | the water was shallower, the water formed
| | what looked like a 'sheet' of fractured glass,
| | with the 'fractures' being extremely-stable.
| |
| | What was happening was that the mower's
| | vibrations were driving the water nonlinearly,
| | which resulted in =Exactly= the same sort of
| | nonlinear energy spreading into lower-freq-
| | uency 'ranges' that I discussed in the BB
| | app's 'notes' [TGLk :-]
| |
| | =Do= this experiment. It's =easy= to do, and
| | it's Observables are spectacular.
| | [...]
| [TGLk - I was 'feeling-alone' yesterday. Thank You
| for 'poking me in the ribs', reminding me that I'm
| never really 'alone'. "I love you, too."]
| kpc

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