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The Black-Body Power Spectrum [was: Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sat Oct 11 02:59:46 EST 2003

Clarifying discussion below.

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Mhrhb.175006$3o3.12934736 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| These are some of the 'notes' in
| the black body QBasic [tm MS]
| app.
| Further discussion below.
| [...]
| | DISCUSSION from tapered
| | Harmony's view ---------------------
| |
| | To see what's in the BB power
| | spectrum, and why it behaves
| | as it does, requires the Compton
| | Refraction QBasic app that
| | I posted in the bionet.neuroscience
| | [b.n] Internet newsgroup during the
| | winter of 2001-2002 [and which I'll
| | re-post in that NG today, along with
| | this app].
| | What's happening in the BB power
| | spectrum is 'just' the Compton
| | Refraction stuff =in combination= with
| | the NL-P as I've discussed it in b.n in
| | recent weeks.
| | I wrote this app several years ago, and,
| | today, have 'hacked' and tweaked it.
| | Three steps remain. The first shows the
| | NL-P 'compression' inherent in the BB
| | power spectrum - the 'left-shifting' of the
| | Continuous spectrum's max-power
| | toward the high-frequency 'end' of the
| | spectrum.
| | This 'left-shifting' is very-important
| | from the perspective of the Classical
| | [Rayleigh-Jeans] view on the BB
| | power spectrum. In the 'left-shifted'
| | 'compression', one is able to literally
| | See the 'infinity' that is pointed to by
| | the R-J approach to the BB power
| | spectrum. That is, the 'left-shifting'
| | occurs as a nonlinear function of
| | TempK, so, if the black body didn't
| | melt-down before TempK was raised
| | beyond a limit that occurs as a function
| | of the material out of which a black
| | body is construct-ed, this 'left-shifting'
| | would proceed to 'infinity'. More on
| | this below.
| | The BB power spectrum drops-off at
| | high frequencies BE-CAUSE the
| | Compton Refraction dynamics that
| | are inherent [in the SSW<->UES
| | harmonics of which the black body is
| | comprised] are forced, by TempK
| | increments, to experience the NL-P
| | in their Compton Refraction dynamics.
| | That is, as frequency increases, the
| | Compton Refraction dynamics
| | experience a rapidly-augmenting
| | nonlinear variance, and this 'spreads'
| | the high-frequency power back into
| | lower-frequency 'ranges' [nonlinearly].
| | This's is literally Observable in the
| | high-frequency 'compression'
| | discussed above, and is a Standard
| | feature of =all= [forced] vibrating 'sys-
| | tems'  having nonlinear restoring forces -
| | which is exactly what the SSW<->UES
| | harmonics are [as I've reiteratively-
| | discussed over the course of the past
| | decade in b.n, and before that, in
| | other online 'places'].
| | In addition to the primary NL-P, the
| | agumenting of TempK forces
| | convergence upon sub-harmonics
| | which instantiate 2nd-order NL-P's,
| | and which further spread the high-
| | frequency of the black body power
| | spectrum into lower-frequency
| | 'ranges'. These sub-harmonics'
| | NL-P energydynamics are NL-P's
| | within the primary NL-P, and are
| | the physical wellsprings of the line
| | spectra of the elements. Their
| | nonlinear 'spreading| into lower-
| | frequency 'ranges| can literally be
| | Observed in the so-called "spectral
| | series" through which elemental-
| | analysis is carried-out.

These sub-harmonics arise, Determin-
istically, out of the SSW<->UES
harmonics' NL-P 'compression'-'ex-
pansion' energydynamics be-cause,
as TempK increases, the primary
NL-P and the local WDB2T NL-P both
become proportionately [to the TempK
increase] more-nonlinear.

The result is that, in the high-frequency
'portion' of the BB spectrum, where the
ratio of the 'spherical' 'contained' energy
volume to its 'spherical' surface-area, with
accelerating-rapidity [accelerating energy-
gradient pno 'time']], tends toward 'infinity',
the energy 'piles-up' be-cause there's an
internal ephemerance differential - the
inner 'shell' in this "nucleation" phase of
the SSW<->UES harmonics is more-en-
ergy-dense than is the next-outter 'shell'
[there aren't any actual "shells". I'm just
using "`shell`" to idealize the Maths - so
folks can follow and know what region of
the harmonics I'm talking about] and a
condition in which it becomes easier for
energy to move outwardly, rather than
continuing to nonlinearly-'pile-up', inwardly,
is instantiated.

The energy that is "emitted" as the spectral
lines results from these NL-P energy-'pile-
ups', and has frequency that Derives, De-
terministically, in the 'spherical' Vol/S-A
ratio [in TH "VAR" - "volume Area Ratio"].

Most of this is calculated in the various
QBasic apps I've posted over the years.

It's most-easily observed in the simplest
versions of the 'spherical'-Geometry apps,
which actually show the energy-density
increase as it derives in the NL-P vari-
ation of the spherical Geometry.

I've not yet explicitly shown in any of these
apps is the NL-P ephemerance variation
that's discussed above, cross-correlating
it to the spectral lines, but I can say, with
Certainty, that it occurs as above.

[I'll see if I have an app that I can 'hack' and
post so folks can see what's discussed above
more easily.]

The spectral lines occur as energy-'density'
wave dynamics. he frequency-shifting that
happens in both the black body power spec-
trum and line spectra are easily seen to
Derive, Deterministically, in the NL-P 'com-
pression'<->'expansion' dynamics inherent
in the SSW<->UES harmonics.

The line spectra for different elements oc-
cur 'uniquely'-per-element be-cause there is
a different quantity of energy 'trapped within'
each of their SSWs. This energy-'trapping'-
quantity-'parcelization' is also a purely
wave<->wave energydynamic, and occurs
as above, except that the NL-P 'piling-up'
is between the SSW and the UES.

Tonight, I'm 'excited' because I can, for the
first 'time', See how to Calculate this, Exactly,
for =all= of the isotopes, from the simple
spherical Geometry. The Calculation is
Exactly as I've described it above.

I'll make it doing it in a QBasic app
another Winter-'time' project so it'll be
easier for folks to See.

"My cup runeth over" - NL-P-ly :-]

So much Beauty, with which to 'dance',
that I've got to write in-between-the-lines
on my 'dance-card'.

Anyway, what's here will Stand for all 'time',
even as WDB2T continues to unfold - the
Calcs all 'just' go-with that energy-flow,
adjusting themselves in Rigorous accord
with WDB2T.


kpc [K. P. Collins]

| This's also the physical reality that
| underpins the distribution of the
| isotopes that's shown on my web
| site:
| http://home.att.net/~k.p.collins/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html
| That is, the Natural distribution of
| the isotopes Derives in this same
| nonlinear 'spreading' which distrib-
| utes the isotopes in an inter-mingling
| way that literally 'mimmics' the 'spread-
| ing' of the high-frequency black body
| power spectrum into lower-frequency
| 'ranges'.
| The NL-P imposes this "fractal-like"
| repetitiveness at =all= scales within
| physical reality.
| All of this is in the "Abundance on Wings"
| plot, which also discloses Why the 'stable'
| natural abundances occur as they do.
| The natural abundances all correspond
| to minimally-'stressed' NL-P's.
| | The production of these sub-
| | harmonics is also the physical Why
| | which underpins so-called "phase
| | transitions". For instance, as
| | convergence upon sub-harmonics
| | augment [NL-P-ly], the net energy-
| | content of an SSW<->UES harmonic
| | becomes nonlinearly-'partitioned'
| via the wave<->wave energy
| =thresholding= energydynamics that
| I've discussed over the years.
| | which Results [through direct Cause
| | of the NL-P energydynamics being
| | discussed], in nonlinearly-increasing
| | 'instability' in the SSW<->UES
| | harmonic's 'capacity' for sharing the
| | UES with neighboring SSW<->UES
| | harmonics - so the 'matter' goes-
| | 'liquid'. This's literally a nonlinear-
| | interaction-energy-deficit condition in
| | which energy is temporarily forced
| | back into the UES, relative to the
| | one-way flow of energy from order to
| | dis-order that is what's =described=
| | by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T] Universal
| 'instantaneous' Tendency.
| These energydynamics occur within
| the energy<->matter [matter<->energy]
| phase transition 'fringes' of the
| SSW<->UES harmonics'
| 'compression'<->'expansion' dynamics.
| What's happening is that WDB2T
| augments as TempK augments.
| The outward flow of energy from the
| SSW<->UES harmonics becomes
| increasingly-greater than the inward
| flow of energy into the SSW<->UES
| harmonics [which inward and outward
| energy-flows, as I've discussed
| over the years, occur as a function of
| the local UES 'pressure'. 'Contain-
| ment' happens be-cause, during some
| creation violence [in the depths of stars,
| etc.], more energy becomes 'trapped'
| within an SSW<->UES harmonic [with-
| in an 'atom'] than can escape through
| the surface-area of the SSW without
| exceeding the local UES-flow rate that
| is WDB2T. 'Containment' happens,
| even though the outward flow exceeds
| the inward flow be-cause the 'containment'
| threshold is way-way-way nonlinear,
| with the UES being way-way-way dom-
| inant.
| "radioactive decay" occurs as a function
| of this inward-outward energy-flow dif-
| ferential, and is accelerating as a function
| of the expansion of the Universe.
| All these things are what "WDB2T" is.
| | It's =all= the One Universal energy-
| | dynamic.
| | The other two steps in this app trace
| | the black body power spectrum, the
| | first of thise, in a line plot that also
| | shows the high-frequency power-
| | drop-off 'inverted', which gives a
| | 'measure' of the high-frequency
| | 'spreading' of power into lower-
| | frequency 'ranges' that was
| | discussed above.
| | The last step plots the black body
| | power spectrum as a pseudo
| | SSW<->UES harmonic. Doing
| | this is useful because it presents
| | a visual 'movie| of the NL-P variance
| | that maps directly into the Compton
| | Refraction energydynamics that are
| | rigorously depicted in the other
| | QBasic app that I'm posting in b.n
| | [again] today.
| The thing to observe in this "circle
| movie" is the high-frequency to low-
| frequency 'volume'-variation differen-
| tial.
| The high-frequency 'collapse' is
| much-more-'rapid' than the low-fre-
| quency 'balooning'.
| This depicts the underpinning NL-P
| which is what determines the high-
| frequency spreading of the BB power
| spectrum into lower-frequency 'ranges' -
| and Why it occurs as it does.
| These dynamics map directly [and
| Rigorously] into the Compton Refraction
| dynamics that are calculated in the other
| QBasic app.
| What's depicted in this circle plot is the
| way that the energydynamics render the
| Compton Refraction, itself, nonlinear,
| which 'shifts' the energy-thresholding
| dynamics, which distributes the high-
| frequency BB power into lower-freq-
| uency 'ranges', and 'left-shifts' the BB
| power max, continuously, as TempK
| increases.
| | To See it all requires a melding of
| | the stuff that's presented in =both=
| | apps.
| Which is what I've discussed above.
| [...]
| Another experiment that 'you' =really=
| have to do.
| When I went over to mow Dad's lawn
| this afternoon, the grass was pretty-high,
| but I had my trusty Honda [tm] Harmony [tm]
| mower that has a hydrostatic transmission
| [I bought it for Dad when I was actually gainfully
| employed]. It has a Hydrostatic [tm?] transmis-
| sion - so I could vary its forward nonlinearly :-]
| when the grass got thick.
| The NL-P is everywhere.
| Then, because it was probably the last 'time'
| I'll use it this year, I washed the mower care-
| fully, leaving it running as I did so [so any
| water that splashed into places where it's
| better for water not to go would evaporate -
| WDB2T you know].
| And that's when the 'experiment' showed
| itself to me.
| There was water collected in a shallow
| 'well' on the top of the nower-deck. It was
| about 1/4-inch deep. The mower was
| running at full-power, and water-'oscillons'
| formed on it's 'surface'.
| These water-'oscillons' were =SPECTACULAR=,
| looking like all kinds of 'rigid' geometrical
| shapes.
| On another area of the mower deck, where
| the water was shallower, thewater formed
| what looked like a 'sheet' of fractured glass,
| with the 'fractures' being extremely-stable.
| What was happening was that the mower's
| vibrations were driving the water nonlinearly,
| which resulted in =Exactly= the same sort of
| nonlinear energy spreading into lower-freq-
| uency 'ranges' that I discussed in the BB
| app's 'notes' [TGLk :-]
| =Do= this experiment. It's =easy= to do, and
| it's Observables are spectacular.
| Have 'you' ever 'wondered', as I have Why
| body temp is so-routinely 98.6. I'm aware that
| 'normal' body temp varies, a bit, but the common-
| place precise replication of "98.6" has always
| 'intrigued' me.
| Today, I realized that theNL-P dynamics that
| I've been discussing here in b.n are Probably
| what underpins evolutionary dynamics' con-
| vergence upon "98.6"-'precision' and "fever"
| energy-dynamics.
| The 'precise' body temp is, itself, a Dependency
| of Human-Life be-cause(?) it's part of the NL-P
| tuning of the Compton Refraction dynamics
| upon which Human-Life Depends(?).
| You know - it's not 'just' 'molecules'. It's molecules
| under forced-NL-P-tuning via body temp - as above
| [and in the QBasic apps].
| The body raises it's temperature be-cause(?)
| doing so taps-into the TempK-driven NL-P
| energydynamics discussed above, and this
| imposes dis-order upon dis-ease agents'
| energydynamics - alters their 'Coulomb force'
| [DNA-RNA] tuning dynamics away from their
| natural tendencies.
| Which makes me want to explore "nano-heat"
| treatments. Perhaps exothermic pharmaceut-
| icals should be explored? You know - attach
| them to molecular-seeking agents that 'target'
| dis-ease biochemistry - where they'll raise
| TempK, thereby, nonlinearly spreading the
| energydynamics upon which the dis-ease
| agents depend for their viabilities into low-
| er-frequency 'ranges'.
| You know - "impose dis-order" upon the dis-
| ease agent's molecular-'level' energydynamics,
| and that will render the dis-ease agents non-
| [or less-] functional(?)
| It's as a flood today :-]
| Anyway, Tapered Harmony subsumes
| 'quantum mechanics' - whole - by extend-
| ing theory into a 100% NL-P 'realm' which
| is commensurate with the fact that there is
| nothing within physical reality which is
| actually 'linear' [which is a direct Consequence
| of the nonlinearity inherent in the universal
| energy-flow that is WDB2T].
| It's the thing that's kept me 'alone'. Since a
| Child, I've been able to do nonlinear differential
| calculations in the ol' noggin' lab [my view is
|  that =everyone can, because its what nervous
| systems innately do - but, since a Child, I paid-
| Attention to being able to do it]  - and I Saw that,
| because I can, it fell to me to do some stuff -
| which is NDT & TH - which left me with little
| 'time' for 'normal' Living.
| But I'm hoping that this BB discussion is
| sufficiently-clear to folks that some folks
| will want to meet with me in-person to discuss
| more.
| That would allow some 'room' in my Life
| for doing 'normal' stuff - which would be
| Welcome.
| Anyway ^ 2, I told you so - that there was "99%"
| remaining to be Communicated.
| I'm working on "whittling" that percentage
| down - in case it actually is the case that I'll
| starve to Death - trying to leave enough Truth
| behind, if it comes to that.
| Oh yea - the kitchen-sink - I purchased a
| 25-foot pipe-'snake' the other day. Today,
| I used it on the sink. I've got it in-there ~17-
| 18 feet, and the drain's still clogged. The
| pipe runs in the wall of my trailer, so, to
| work on the pipes, I've got to tear the wall
| down.
| I'm thinking I'll just eat sandwhiches on
| paper plates :-]
| Then, later today, the water main broke on
| the street where I live :-]
| [I 'detected' it earlier in the 'refusal' of my
| phone line to remain connected - the lines
| are underground - must've gotten soaked-
| through, because the line was way-static-y.
| [I tried to post the HTML version of the Compton
| Refraction app within minutes of posting the
| text version, but couldn't modem-sync [which
| is another easily-observed NL-P thing, BTW :]]
| Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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