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Sun Oct 12 01:09:58 EST 2003

  "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message news:qE5ib.173111$0v4.13269259 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
  "A 'Cosmic Jerk' That Reversed the Universe

  Published: October 11, 2003"


  Quoting from the New York Times Article:
  "More important, they were brighter than expected. When he plotted their velocities against distance, or time in the past, Dr. Riess found that the universe had to have changed direction, from slowing to speeding up, over a period of time five billion years ago, the so-called cosmic jerk, using the technical term for a change in acceleration."

  It's not actually a 'change in direction'.

  It's a change in WDB2T 'density' that occurs as an NL-P sub-harmonic in the overall NL-P harmonic that is WDB2T.

  It's analogous to the stuff I've been discussing with respect to SSW<->UES harmonics ['atoms'], except, in the case of the Universe as a whole, the harmonics are 100% UES self-interaction. The universe is like a big 'atom' :-]

  "In Dr. Lykken's words, and as borne out by discussions at the meeting here, `theorists don't have a clue' about the identity of the dark energy that is so important."


  It's 'just' the energy-flow that is WDB2T. 

  "The stakes for the universe are not small. If the cosmological constant is the culprit, the universe will expand faster and faster as time goes on. 

  Not True.

  When WDB2T proceeds sufficiently, there'll come a 'time' when the UES-'pressure'' 'rapidly' becomes insufficient to sustain the heavier SSW<->UES harmonics, and their 'decay' will accelerate. That is, "half-lives' are not 'stable', but, rather, they are diminishing in accord with WDB2T's NL-P.

  This 'poofing'-out of the elements will proceed in accord with the order that's depicted in the "Abundance on Wings" image that's on my web site.


  It will proceed until even the most-'stable' elements have 'poofed'-outta-here, and it will do so at an accelerating 'rate', which accelerating 'rate' is already observable in the evidence that the NYT Article discusses.

  However, the thing about WDB2T is that it 'seeks' to maximize ephemerance [energy's freedom to move]. So, as this cosmic acceleration proceeds, the now-'rarified' UES will 'pile-up' against itself, in a Universe-wide peripheral 'shell'.

  This 'piling-up' of energy will slow the expansion of the universe, and ephemerance will become greater at its inner 'fringe'.

  This ephemerance differential will result in energy's 'turning-around', the further result of which will be an implosion of the energy in the universe.

  During this universal 'compression' phase, WDB2T will be inverted, and it will be Impossible to build a machine that doesn't produce more energy than it consumes :-]

  That's not a 'cornucopia', though, be-cause in the universal 'compression' phase, machines will run on the absence-of-energy :-]

  What we know as "energy" will, then, be as Waste.

  All of this can be Observed in the emission and absorption line spectra of the collection of isotopes that presently exists [all of which are ordered with respect to all of this in the "Abundance on Wings" image].

  The absorption spectra correspond to NL-P-fleetingly 'inverted' WDB2T, which is why their 'action' is 'dark' to us.

  This universal cycle repeats, indefinitely(?)


  I realized [in a 'flash!' of TD E/I-minimization] as I was hitting the "Send" button, that the 'rarification' that I discussed in my prior post [quoted in it's entirety, with typos fixed, here] is not a  'one-time' thing in the universal expansion cosmological phase.

  It will recur repetitively, in an NL-P-accelerating way, with the 'poofing'-out of each isotope, in the order that's depicted in the "Abundance on Wings" image that's at my web site [starting at the 'wings' outer 'fringes'].

  With each such 'poofing'-out, the energy released will bolster the UES-'pressure' as it then exists - which UES-'density'-increase will be correlated to the sorts of observables that are addressed in the NYT Article - in terms of the view that the Article discusses, the NL-P-WDB2T sub-harmonic acceleration will temporarily 'reverse' itself within the overall NL-P-WDB2T harmonic.

  To an observer external to the universe, the stuff of this Correction will appear to be analogous to the difference between the emission and absorption line spectra :-]

  There's a lot in-here, and it applies at all scales within physical reality.

  For instance, the interpretation of 'carbon dating' results has been inaccurate be-cause it doesn't take the NL-P-WDB2T harmonics into consideration.

  The 'problem' has been that experiments have been done within an 'instant', but the NL-P-WDB2T energydynamics are 'oblivious' to what has been referred to as "time" - they 'know' only their inherent energy-gradients - and the WDB2T energy-gradient varies NL-P-ly, which presents a 'Difficulty' that can only be convergently-seen-through via TD E/I-minimization that draws all available experimental evidence together into an overall theory of physical reality.

  Tapered Harmony [TH] is my contribution toward that end.

  Neuroscientific Duality Theory [NDT] works in conjunction with TH to eliminate the 'blindness' that makes the Seeing of TH's view on physical reality possible.

  kpc [k. p. collins - 'groaning' as I write this out of 'dispair' that no one else will Understand. Still, Hope remains, in it's "spring[ing] eternal" way :-] 

  `It will be cold and dark in a few billion years,' Dr. Frank Wilczek, the Herman Feshbach professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said. `That would be very sad.`"

  Although it will be 'sad' for Life as we know it, we can have Joy for the billions-and-billions-of-years-hence Life that will regenerate.

  We just can't leave them any 'messages' that tell them what mis-takes to avoid - we can't pass-on the benefit of our experience to them.

  Sometimes, that's the way 'life' appears to me =within= the current universal 'expansion' phase.

  That is what's Sad.


  "Tongue-Tied by Physics: The Ineffable Lightness of Being

  Published: October 12, 2003"


  Quoting from the New York Times Article:

  "`How can we ever hope to understand atoms?' Heisenberg had lamented that day.

  "`I think we may yet be able to do so,' Bohr replied. `But in the process we may have to learn what the word ` `understanding' ' really means.`"


  k. p. collins
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