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The Black-Body Power Spectrum [was: Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 12 02:27:46 EST 2003

The main difference between Tapered
Harmony and currently-accepted theory
is that TH uses only 3 dimensions.

Where currently-accepted theory invokes
'dimensions' greater than 3 in efforts to
cross-correlate experimental observables,
TH just uses nonlinear differential calcula-
tions to do the same thing, while remaining
firmly-within just the 3 Dimensions of Com-
mon Sense Space.

Where currently-accepted theory invokes
'dimensions' > 3, TH invokes nonlinear
'density' variations within the infinitely-
divisible UES extreme-fluid [like a com-
monplace fluid, but having no 'particles'
embedded within it].

Dimensions are =Huge= 'enterprises'.

Why add them when everything can be
done in just 3? [with cross-correlation
occurring within a 4th, pseudo-dimen-
sion as it's discussed in AoK, Ap2 [but,
eliminating non-existent 'time' as a
'dimension', which was done only sub-
sequent to AoK's 'publication']].

The cross-correlation actually occurs in
3-space - in nervous systems' massively-
parallel information-processing dynamics,
via the construction of TD E/I-minimized
"biological mass" which, literally, embodies
the cross-correlation as an energy-gradient
within 3-space.

Anyway, the main difference between cur-
rently-accepted theory and TH is that TH
does everything in 3-D, via nonlinear
differential claculations.

The stuff that I've been discussing, recently,
was what I 'saw' while on that long-ago
morning's walk when the NL-P saved me
from getting a bump on the head, and
when I observed the nonlinear sliding of
the gravel out of the dump truck's bed,
and when I observed the illusion of the
'bending' of the hexoganal merry-go-
round's vertices.

When I looked more closely at physical
reality, I saw the "nonlinearity of perspect-
ive [the NL-P] =EVERYWHERE=.

It's Why TH is all nonlinear differential

What I've been discussing recently is
the "general usefulness" of the NL-P
as it began to show itself to me on
that morning's walk.

I've been 'Aching' to do this ever since :-]

For reasons I've mentioned, the TD E/I I
'carry' finally became great enough that
I was able to converge upon TD E/I-min-
imization, within it, to address this 'deep'
stuff of TH [hopefully, sufficiently].

Folks tend to 'move away from' it, but,
once one understands it, TD E/I(up) is
Good - it's the Stuff that enables one
to See-Farther.

Without NDT's understanding, however,
seemingly-'interminable' TD E/I(up)
induces folks to converge upon Savage
behavioral by-products of stereotypical
[inductively-learned; AoK, Ap5] TD E/I-

The Savagery-inducing TD E/I(up) =seems=
'interminable' 'because' "biological mass"
that embodies understanding with respect
to the manner in which nervous systems
process information has not yet been
constructed within nervous systems.

[Folks who've endure my own behavior
over the years will probably be able to
see, in it, my own repetitive 'throwing-
of-my-self' up-against the 'wall' that
'blocked' the communication of under-
standing - there were no 'words'. So I
set out to 'paint the picture' of the un-
derstanding via reiterative discussions
from various perspectives - which, in the
quantity of Work inherent, also exhbits
the NL-P :-]

The thing that was most-Difficult for me to
do was to proceed, Knowing that I was
causing others to experience TD E/I(up)
while simultaneously Knowing that no-
body else could, yet, See that that
TD E/I(up) was only the instantiation of
the necessary energy-gradient and,
therefore, the 'only' =temporary= Pre-
lude to folks' understanding of what's
in NDT.

"The route to understanding follows a
curved path."

Nonlinearly-curved :-]

And the degree of nonlinearity points
directly to Truth that's not yet understood.

No problem - run to that Fire, and quench
its burning-ness.

Just remember to 'run' NL-P-ly :-]

ken [k. p. collins]

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