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NL-P Medicine is Testable [was Re: NL-P Medicine [was Re: The Black-Body Power Spectrum [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 12 08:17:00 EST 2003

It's Testable.

If the hypothesis discussed in what's
quoted below is Correct, then, if Re-
searchers survey subjects for body-
temp set-points, and take DNA samp-
les [keeping them correlated, but
eliminating the the personal-info to
guard privacy], the Researchers
will find stereotypical DNA vari-
ance that's correlated to the body-
temp set-point differential.

Besides verifying the thermal hypo-
thesis [the NL-P Medicine hypo-
thesis], this result will also consti-
tute another verification of TH.

It's a chance for Biologists to do
some leading-edge Physics :-]

But, more importantly, the verifica-
tion of this small thermal hypothesis
will verify the "standing-wave gene-
tics" perspective that I've discussed
over the years, including the more-
recent 'Coulomb force' DNA-RNA
tuning dynamics - and this will feed-
forward into all of Biochemistry.

Still-more-importantly, such verifica-
tion will enable both Medical and
Pharaceutical professionals to tail-
or individual treatments in a new way.

Treatments will vary in a way that's
correlated to body-temp set-point.

Another way to look at all of this is that,
iff the hypothesis is Correct, and
if body-temp set-point changes in
a relatively-maturely-developed 'state',
that will mean that there's something
in-there that has altered body Chemis-
try - indicating a disease condition.

[The underpinning conceptualization is
that, =iff= body-temp set-point does
enter into the NL-P 'Coulomb force'
energydynamics, then variation in
body-temp set-point points directly
to genetic variation that points directly
to different ways of working with the
'Coulomb force' energydynamics that
have been converged upon during
the course of evolutionary energy-

So, if all of this pans-out, then it will
provide a 'microscope' with respect
to evolutionary energydynamics, and,
again, Biochemistry [probably all of
Chemistry] in-general.]

Anyway, the hypothesis is Testable.

[It's a Joy to finally be able to write
in a way that presumes sufficient ac-
cumulation of "biological mass' with
respect to both NDT's and TH's
positions. 'Course, I don't Know if
that's actually the case. All I Know
is that it should be the case if folks've
been following the discussions. I
laugh and laugh at the possibility
that I'm just kill-filed across the
Interned, though :-] What a 'perf-
ectly-wasted life' mine would be if
that's the case. So, I laugh at that
possibility, and just keep-on Hon-
oring Truth.]

ken [k. p. collins]

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:jgGhb.175681$3o3.13006996 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Mhrhb.175006$3o3.12934736 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| | [...]
| | Have 'you' ever 'wondered', as I have Why
| | body temp is so-routinely 98.6. I'm aware that
| | 'normal' body temp varies, a bit, but the common-
| | place precise replication of "98.6" has always
| | 'intrigued' me.
| |
| | Today, I realized that the NL-P dynamics that
| | I've been discussing here in b.n are Probably
| | what underpins evolutionary dynamics' con-
| | vergence upon "98.6"-'precision' and "fever"
| | energy-dynamics.
| |
| | The 'precise' body temp is, itself, a Dependency
| | of Human-Life be-cause(?) it's part of the NL-P
| | tuning of the Compton Refraction dynamics
| | upon which Human-Life Depends(?).
| |
| | You know - it's not 'just' 'molecules'. It's molecules
| | under forced-NL-P-tuning via body temp - as above
| | [and in the QBasic apps].
| And, in my prior discussion of DNA-RNA tuning
| via 'Coulomb force', which [I think] is still on the
| b.n board as I write this.
| | The body raises it's temperature be-cause(?)
| | doing so taps-into the TempK-driven NL-P
| | energydynamics discussed above, and this
| | imposes dis-order upon dis-ease agents'
| | energydynamics - alters their 'Coulomb force'
| | [DNA-RNA] tuning dynamics away from their
| | natural tendencies.
| |
| | Which makes me want to explore "nano-heat"
| | treatments. Perhaps exothermic pharmaceut-
| | icals should be explored? You know - attach
| | them to molecular-seeking agents that 'target'
| | dis-ease biochemistry - where they'll raise
| | TempK, thereby, nonlinearly spreading the
| | energydynamics upon which the dis-ease
| | agents depend for their viabilities into low-
| | er-frequency 'ranges'.
| Of course, also be-cause of the NL-P, the
| thermal range of such pharmaceuticals will
| have to be very-precisely-controlled - their
| functionalities must be precisely-tuned with
| respect to the NL-P-stuff that evolutionary
| dynamics have converged-upon.
| | You know - "impose dis-order" upon the dis-
| | ease agent's molecular-'level' energydynamics,
| | and that will render the dis-ease agents non-
| | [or less-] functional(?)
| | [...]
| For that matter, it is now Rigorously-Established
| that =all= pharmaceutical applications are funct-
| tional only to the degree that their action[s] do,
| in fact, 'coincide' with the NL-P=stuff that evol-
| utionary dynamics have converged-upon.
| This's another, more-precise, way of addressing
| the "functional-multiplexing" stuff that's discussed
| in AoK, Ap9.
| It is the 'handle' through which "functional multiplex-
| ing" =can be= 'addressed'. [The =only= 'handle'
| there is.]
| Volumes can be [and surely will be] written on this
| one 'facet' of NDT & TH - NL-P Medicine.
| A =Lot= is, Forevermore, Nailed-Down, here.
| kpc [K. P. Collins]

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