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The NL-P [QBasic app Was Re: The Black-Body Power Spectrum [was: Re: 'gravity' [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 12 11:14:09 EST 2003

One of the things folks should be
able to See in this spherical-Geometry
app is How and Why the NL-P variation
of the volume/surface-area ratio inherent
in the SSW<->UES harmonics always
undergoes energy emission and ab-
sorption via rigorously-stereotypical

This's =all= built-right-into the NL-P
behavior of the spherical harmonics.

There's a volume of energy 'trapped'
in the SSW<->UES harmonic.

Rigorous variation in the 'trapping'
volume Rigorously forces emission
or absorption of quantities of energy
that are =specific= with respect to the
'instantaneous' SSW's nonlinear 'com-
pression' and 'expansion'.

It's these stereotypically-occurring
quantities of energy that modern-tra-
ditional Physics has mis-interpreted
as constituting 'discrete particles',
when all they are is the nonlinear
variation of the spherical V/Ar ratio
in interaction with the surrounding

This's is =all= Testable via accel-
erator trials in which the spherical
Geometry is 'attacked' asymmetric-
ally. [Which, of course, will require
modifications to existing accelerat-
ors - in order to allow the setting of
the 'attacking'-asymmetry at-will.]

If such asymmetrical-'attacking' of
the spherical Geometry of the
SSW<->UES harmonics is under-
taken, it will be found that there are
as many so-called 'particles' as there
are ways to adjust the 'attacking'
asymmetry - which is infinite.

A =Complete= Proof of Tapered
Harmony's position exists in the fact
that one cannot assert that there
are an infinite number of "discrete
particles" in an 'atom'. So, since
one can produce [as above] an
infinite number of what have been
referred to as "discrete particles",
there cannot exist any "discrete
particles" within an 'atom'.

The =only= thing that can Exist
in-there is infinitely-divisible energy
that undergoes =continuous=
wave<->wave thresholding,
Deterministically, in Rigorous-
accord with the nonlinearity in-
herent in the spherical V/Ar
ratio's behavior under 'compres-
sion' and 'expansion'.

Hitting the SSW<->UES harmonics
assymmetrically =just= interacts
with their Rigorously-nonlinearly-
energy-contents nonlinearly-differen-
tially, in a way that's Deterministically-
coupled to the 'attacking' asymmetry.
[=Of course= the SSW<->UES
harmonics' spherical Geometry does
not remain "spherical" under asymmetric
'attack'. This's a wellspring of the In-
finity that TH predicts under the cond-
itions of this proposed Test.]

Test it.

See the Infinity [or at least as much of
it as 'you' need to See to satisfy exper-
imental Rigor]

Then, See Tapered Harmony's
Reification of physical reality.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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