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Tue Oct 14 07:52:59 EST 2003

CLARIFICATION ['necessary'?] below.
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  "Evolving by Accident, Not Fitness

  Published: October 14, 2003"


  "`If you want to understand living things, you really have to let all these levels of analysis interact,`" Dr. Ryan said. 
  It's True.

  In case it isn't clear, my agreement is with respect to the statement quoted above, not with respect to the premise that evolutionary dynamics are "accidental".

  I 'groan' as I wade-into this volatile-morass once again - because I'm aware that most folks who'll come across this post [if any :-] will not have an in-depth understanding of my position - but it's all straightforward be-cause it all reduces to the one-way flow of energy from order to dis-order that is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

  What all Life does is 'climb' WDB2T.

  When folks interpret this or that as 'signifying' 'accident', that's because WDB2T varies locally.

  So what seems 'accidental' to a non-local observer is just Life 'climbing' its local WDB2T energy-gradient.

  The analogous thing happens routinely within nervous system function, for the same reason.

  Degree of Truth that's in TD E/I-minimization Determines the TD E/I-minimization that will occur within a nervous system.

  "Huh? What is 'Truth'? How can one be certain one knows 'Truth'?"

  I discussed all of this, repeatedly, in my several reiterations of Truth's One Map.

  At the 'blindly'-automated 'level', it's not 'Knowledge' that's important. It's whether or not Truth is, in fact, in-there that's Important.

  If Truth is in-there, to the degree that it is, the Consequences of the behavioral by-products that are manifested as a the Effect of TD E/I-minimization's Cause will one way. If Truth is not in-there, to the degree of its absence, things'll unfold the other way.

  Within these dynamics, since Truth to which folks have access varies with experience, to an observer non-local to an individual's experience, there will be the appearance of there being a lot of 'accidental' stuff in the observed individual's behavior.

  But all the individual's nervous system is doing is working within her/his local TD E/I-minimization 'environment' - which is, simply, the individual's local WDB2T.

  The thing that I've been 'jumping-up-and-down' about all these years is that, be-cause it's so, Knowledge of how nervous systems process information becomes Important - because such Knowledge allows one to actively seek to 'climb' WDB2T.

  Anyway, be-cause WDB2T is a Deterministic energydynamic that underpins of physical reality at all scales, there're no 'accidents'.

  All there is is Truth, and relative absence-of-Truth.

  If this or that appears to be an 'accident', that's because Truth was only in-there incompletely, and things, nevertheless, unfolded in accord with WDB2T.

  Big Difference.


  This "Big Difference" is what Enables the following of Truth's One Map.

  There's a 'catch', though - as it's active within nervous systems, the Deterministic Nature of WDB2T can only be Calculated across all of the nervous systems that are in interaction.

  See the 'Difficulty'?

  One individual can 'move toward' Truth, while those with whom she/he interacts 'move away from' Truth, and, to the degree that interactive dynamics are, in fact, coupled, the Consequences of the net dynamics are experienced by those who are in interaction.

  In this way, what you do matters to me, and what I do matters to you.

  There are no 'accidents'.

  There is only absence-of-Truth, acted-upon - and 'excuse'-making that calls the Consequences, inherent, "accidental".

  Get it?

  Build a collection of analogies in which imaginary subjects are confronted with this or that, but the subjects do not possess complete-'knowledge' with respect to this or that.

  There'll be a lot of so-called "accidents" in your collection of analogies - and you'll probably laugh and laugh at some of these so-called "accidents.

  But, then, consider this Truth:

  It's commonplace that we subject the Children to the same Difficulty that's in your list of analogies.

  Get it?

  Folks've 'blamed' it on this or that [guess-stuff], but it's the experience that we allow to occur within the Lives of our Children that Determines the local WDB2T that they will experience. Their nervous systems achieve TD E/I-minimization with respect to such, and we 'blame' it on this or that, or on 'accidents'.

  But all that's happening in-there are the Consequences of our collective 'moving away from' Truth.

  Get it?

  Please Work until you do. 

  Truth is all that matters.

  Honor it, and it Honors you right back.

  Not, and not.

  K. P. Collins
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