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monkeys learn to use brain-machine interface

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 14 09:11:19 EST 2003

"BilZ0r" <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote in message
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| No neccassarily Ken, Its possible that the
| nuerons could control both the
| implant and whatever task they
| had before. At least with my
| understanding of current Neural
| network stuff dealing with
| Catastrophic Forgetting.

I'm not familiar with any work that's
referred to as "Catostophic Forgetting"
[or are you 'buzzing' me with respect
to the fact that I do not reiterate every-
thing I've ever posted in every msg I
post? :-], but the basics of the stuff you
address are handled within the "super-
system configuration" discussion of AoK,
Ap5. See the rest of AoK [in particular,
the rest of Ap5, Ap6 & Ap7] for higher-
'level' discussions of the same-stuff.

The =specific= thing that I discussed
in the post to which you've replied [and
which is not included in what you've
quoted below] is that the implant
remains non-globally-integrated with
respect to globally-integrated TD E/I-
minimization dynamics that are innate
within 'normal' nervous systems.

This means that the implant's circuitry
will constitute a non-TD E/I-minimizable
'dynamic' to the rest of the nervous
system, and the nervous system's inform-
ation-processing dynamics will, therefore,
be 'attracted' to TD E/I-minimizing these
non-TD E/I-minimizable dynamics - which
is why the implant will Dictate to the nervous
system in a way that transforms it into some-
thing other than a Nervous System - which
is the wellspring of the information-proces-
sing deficits that the implant will introduce,
and which I wrote about in my prior post.

It's =not= that a nervous system cannot
alter itself with respect to the implant. It
can, and will.

It's that the implant cannot 'play-fair' with
respect to =globally-integrated= TD E/I-

The point is subtle, but Huge.

I'd have to read the article - in order to
analyze the external processing that the
coupled hardware/software do - to be able
to say more [and I've not been able to
access it] , but, say, the Researchers
have built an analogue of TD E/I-minimiza-
tion into such external processing.

That could have functionality that =is= Use-
ful with respect to 'overcoming' prior Trauma
to the nervous system.

But it cannot replicate the nervous system's
innate information-processing capacities, be-
cause there's just no way to achieve the
necessary global integration with respect to
TD E/I-minimization. Attempts to achieve such
would necessitate so much 'wiring' that they
would kill the nervous system, and its host
organism - and, unless, it were done via a
transplant [an awesomely-fancy one] there'd
still be no "functional multiplexing" [AoK, Ap9]
in-there, and that stuff is necessary if globally-
integrated TD E/I-minimization is to occur as
it does within 'normal' [organically-intact]
nervous systems.

There's =HUGE= 'subtlty' in the energydynamics
of nervous systems [of brains]. It's all in-there
for information-processing reasons. To replicate
nervous systems' information-processing
dynamics, given the fact that such 'replication' is
to occur 'within' a nervous system ['cyborg'-wise],
it has to be done the way nervous systems do it.

If the goal is an entirely-machine 'replication', the
problem is entirely-different. A machine can model
nervous system dynamics in a successive-approx-
imation way in which global-integration of the
machine's 'td e/i-minimization' analogue is also
'maintained' in a successive-approximation way.
What =cannot= be done via 'machines'
is to interface them with Living nervous systems
in a globally-integrated-TD E/I-minimizing way -
be-cause the demands of such not-in-accord-
with-the-genetic-'blueprint' 'wiring' would kill
the nervous system, and still not be anywhere
near what's right-there in an organically-intact
nervous system. [It would still lack the 'Coulomb
force' DNA-RNA tuning capabilities that I've
been discussing in other threads both recently,
and in long-former posts ["3-D energydynamics"]

Again, this's =not= to say that implants cannot
partially-address deficits that derive in organic
damage to a nervous system.

I've explicitly discussed all of this stuff, repeatedly,
in long-former posts. Perhaps you missed them?

See, the thing is that nervous systems are Truly-
Wonderous. There's just no going-in-there, muck-
ing-about, and coming-out with 'enhanced' inform-
ation-processing capabilities.

The WP article, for instance, talked about weapons-
system applications - giving G.I.'s implants that'd
enable them to do this or that interfacing with
weapons systems via 'thought'.

I expect that's possible, but it'd come at the Cost
of the G. I.'s being rendered incapable of achieving
'normal' Thought - which is "A Bridge Too Far", and
all of the Consequences inherent.

Such 'proposals' are, in fact, 'Hilarious'.

Everything that those who 'propose' thusly can be
accomplished by simply allowing NDT's under-
standing to be generally-Communicated.

Why 'slice-n-dice' when you can 'just' Understand,
and achieve far-more-Worthy-of-our-Humanity
Stuff while eliminating the 'rationale' for 'weapons

Why alter nervous systems when you can 'just'
Use them in accord with their innate informa-
tion-processing Capabilities?

All this said, I do Hope that the Researchers do
not relent until they've become capable of assisting
nervous-system-injured individuals.

[With respect to the rest [going into 'normal'
nervous systems], I Hope that folks'll at least
meet with me, in-person, before they decide to
Learn the Hard way about the stuff I've discussed
in this and my prior posts addressing the same-

If I've not sufficiently-addressed what you have
in-mind, then Please cut-to-the-chase, and
explicitly state whatever it is that you want
discussed and/or addressed.

ken [k. p. collins]

| "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in news:t_wib.175626
| $0v4.13511734 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:
| > Prior to the implant procedures, these
| > neurons were doing something else.
| >
| > The implant has, literally, taken over
| > control of the monkey's nervous system.

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