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NL-P Medicine is Testable [was Re: NL-P Medicine [was Re: The Black-Body Power Spectrum [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 14 10:39:19 EST 2003

"Researchers Get Their First Close-Up Look at West Nile Virus

Published: October 14, 2003"


Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"Unlike H.I.V., flu, measles and most other
viruses which have proteins that stick out
like sharp spikes, the West Nile virus has
surface proteins that snap together in a
pattern resembling the fabric of a herring-
bone jacket, forming a smooth sphere."

It strikes me that, because of its spherical
shape, the West Nile virus might be partic-
ularly-vulnerable to the sort of NL-P-temp
stuff that I've been discussing(?)

Why not explore imposing-disorder upon
it, in this way, in a test tube?

Anyway, here's another instance of the NL-P:

"Don't Look Down

Published: October 14, 2003"


Quoting from the New York Times Column:

"I know: it all sounds unbelievable. But would
you have believed, three years ago, that the
U.S. budget would plunge so quickly from a
record surplus to a record deficit? And would
you have believed that, confronted with that
plunge, our leaders would offer excuses
rather than solutions?"

If folks remember when I tried to calm 'stock
market' dynamics -  back before the 'bubble
broke' - I was also using the NL-P in the
underpinning analysis back then.

The NL-P is everywhere be-cause WDB2T
is everywhere.

It's good to understand this, and to use such
understanding in converging upon action
Choices [via TD E/I-minimization, of course,
which is another NL-P-behaving thing [See the
discussion of the relatively-long developmental
'times' of "prefrontal constellations" in AoK,
Ap7, and of the relativity of Children's and
Adults' perceptions of 'time' in AoK, Ap8 -
"half-life-like time course"]].

k. p. collins

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