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monkeys learn to use brain-machine interface

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 14 11:16:52 EST 2003

Why does it matter?

Global integation of TD E/I-minimization
is what Unifies Consciousness.

A typo is fixed below.

k. p. collins

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:buTib.178086$0v4.13692702 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "BilZ0r" <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote in message
| news:Xns94148DDA6D76ABilZ0rhotmailcom at
| | No neccassarily Ken, Its possible that the
| | nuerons could control both the
| | implant and whatever task they
| | had before. At least with my
| | understanding of current Neural
| | network stuff dealing with
| | Catastrophic Forgetting.
| I'm not familiar with any work that's
| referred to as "Catostophic Forgetting"
| [or are you 'buzzing' me with respect
| to the fact that I do not reiterate every-
| thing I've ever posted in every msg I
| post? :-], but the basics of the stuff you
| address are handled within the "super-
| system configuration" discussion of AoK,
| Ap5. See the rest of AoK [in particular,
| the rest of Ap5, Ap6 & Ap7] for higher-
| 'level' discussions of the same-stuff.
| The =specific= thing that I discussed
| in the post to which you've replied [and
| which is not included in what you've
| quoted below] is that the implant
| remains non-globally-integrated with
| respect to globally-integrated TD E/I-
| minimization dynamics that are innate
| within 'normal' nervous systems.
| This means that the implant's circuitry
| will constitute a non-TD E/I-minimizable
| 'dynamic' to the rest of the nervous
| system, and the nervous system's inform-
| ation-processing dynamics will, therefore,
| be 'attracted' to TD E/I-minimizing these
| non-TD E/I-minimizable dynamics - which
| is why the implant will Dictate to the nervous
| system in a way that transforms it into some-
| thing other than a [Human] Nervous System - which <<<
| is the wellspring of the information-proces-
| sing deficits that the implant will introduce,
| and which I wrote about in my prior post.
| It's =not= that a nervous system cannot
| alter itself with respect to the implant. It
| can, and will.
| It's that the implant cannot 'play-fair' with
| respect to =globally-integrated= TD E/I-
| minimization.
| The point is subtle, but Huge.
| I'd have to read the article - in order to
| analyze the external processing that the
| coupled hardware/software do - to be able
| to say more [and I've not been able to
| access it] , but, say, the Researchers
| have built an analogue of TD E/I-minimiza-
| tion into such external processing.
| That could have functionality that =is= Use-
| ful with respect to 'overcoming' prior Trauma
| to the nervous system.
| But it cannot replicate the nervous system's
| innate information-processing capacities, be-
| cause there's just no way to achieve the
| necessary global integration with respect to
| TD E/I-minimization. Attempts to achieve such
| would necessitate so much 'wiring' that they
| would kill the nervous system, and its host
| organism - and, unless, it were done via a
| transplant [an awesomely-fancy one] there'd
| still be no "functional multiplexing" [AoK, Ap9]
| in-there, and that stuff is necessary if globally-
| integrated TD E/I-minimization is to occur as
| it does within 'normal' [organically-intact]
| nervous systems.
| There's =HUGE= 'subtlty' in the energydynamics
| of nervous systems [of brains]. It's all in-there
| for information-processing reasons. To replicate
| nervous systems' information-processing
| dynamics, given the fact that such 'replication' is
| to occur 'within' a nervous system ['cyborg'-wise],
| it has to be done the way nervous systems do it.
| If the goal is an entirely-machine 'replication', the
| problem is entirely-different. A machine can model
| nervous system dynamics in a successive-approx-
| imation way in which global-integration of the
| machine's 'td e/i-minimization' analogue is also
| 'maintained' in a successive-approximation way.
| What =cannot= be done via 'machines'
| is to interface them with Living nervous systems
| in a globally-integrated-TD E/I-minimizing way -
| be-cause the demands of such not-in-accord-
| with-the-genetic-'blueprint' 'wiring' would kill
| the nervous system, and still not be anywhere
| near what's right-there in an organically-intact
| nervous system. [It would still lack the 'Coulomb
| force' DNA-RNA tuning capabilities that I've
| been discussing in other threads both recently,
| and in long-former posts ["3-D energydynamics"]
| Again, this's =not= to say that implants cannot
| partially-address deficits that derive in organic
| damage to a nervous system.
| I've explicitly discussed all of this stuff, repeatedly,
| in long-former posts. Perhaps you missed them?
| See, the thing is that nervous systems are Truly-
| Wonderous. There's just no going-in-there, muck-
| ing-about, and coming-out with 'enhanced' inform-
| ation-processing capabilities.
| The WP article, for instance, talked about weapons-
| system applications - giving G.I.'s implants that'd
| enable them to do this or that interfacing with
| weapons systems via 'thought'.
| I expect that's possible, but it'd come at the Cost
| of the G. I.'s being rendered incapable of achieving
| 'normal' Thought - which is "A Bridge Too Far", and
| all of the Consequences inherent.
| Such 'proposals' are, in fact, 'Hilarious'.
| Everything that those who 'propose' thusly can be
| accomplished by simply allowing NDT's under-
| standing to be generally-Communicated.
| Why 'slice-n-dice' when you can 'just' Understand,
| and achieve far-more-Worthy-of-our-Humanity
| Stuff while eliminating the 'rationale' for 'weapons
| systems'?
| Why alter nervous systems when you can 'just'
| Use them in accord with their innate informa-
| tion-processing Capabilities?
| All this said, I do Hope that the Researchers do
| not relent until they've become capable of assisting
| nervous-system-injured individuals.
| [With respect to the rest [going into 'normal'
| nervous systems], I Hope that folks'll at least
| meet with me, in-person, before they decide to
| Learn the Hard way about the stuff I've discussed
| in this and my prior posts addressing the same-
| stuff.]
| If I've not sufficiently-addressed what you have
| in-mind, then Please cut-to-the-chase, and
| explicitly state whatever it is that you want
| discussed and/or addressed.
| ken [k. p. collins]
| | "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in news:t_wib.175626
| | $0v4.13511734 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:
| |
| | > Prior to the implant procedures, these
| | > neurons were doing something else.
| | >
| | > The implant has, literally, taken over
| | > control of the monkey's nervous system.

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