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Wed Oct 15 09:35:38 EST 2003

Further discussion below.
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  CLARIFICATION ['necessary'?] below.
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    "Evolving by Accident, Not Fitness

    Published: October 14, 2003"


    "`If you want to understand living things, you really have to let all these levels of analysis interact,`" Dr. Ryan said. 
    It's True.

    In case it isn't clear, my agreement is with respect to the statement quoted above, not with respect to the premise that evolutionary dynamics are "accidental".

    I 'groan' as I wade-into this volatile-morass once again - because I'm aware that most folks who'll come across this post [if any :-] will not have an in-depth understanding of my position - but it's all straightforward be-cause it all reduces to the one-way flow of energy from order to dis-order that is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

    What all Life does is 'climb' WDB2T.

    When folks interpret this or that as 'signifying' 'accident', that's because WDB2T varies locally.

    So what seems 'accidental' to a non-local observer is just Life 'climbing' its local WDB2T energy-gradient.

    The analogous thing happens routinely within nervous system function, for the same reason.


    All that's necessary to see how WDB2T impacts evolutionary dynamics, Deterministically, is to take one of Darwin's Finches from it's island, and transport it elsewhere - to a place where the food supply is different - say, by a big-winded, but survivable, storm.

    "Food", and its metabolism within organisms is some of WDB2T [a 'form' that WDB2T takes].

    The finch's local WDB2T has changed, and, in its succeeding generations, any 'adaptation' that enables its progeny to better 'climb' the WDB2T energy-gradient will enable the bearer of that trait to 'climb'-higher up WDB2T's NL-P energydynamics. It might be better able to feed itself [to take-in energy [which is what Darwin's Finchs' beaks are all about]], or it might be better able to metabolize this or that, and, as a result, fly further, and/or, remain aloft longer, or its visual acuity might increase, which would allow it to find food more handily, etc.]

    Of course, the other thing is Possible, too - a change in local WDB2T can render an organism less-able to 'climb' its local WDB2T energy-gradient.

    During the hurricane a few weeks back, some frog eggs that, apparently, started-out in North Carolina dropped on a guy's deck in Conecticut.

    Will the eggs survive? 

    Will the tadpoles survive? 

    Will the frogs survive?

    The only thing within physical reality that Determines such is whether or not the frog-organism can 'climb' the local-WDB2T energydynamics into which it was 'transplanted'

    One might call this or that about the eggs' "environmental" [local-WDB2T] 'transplanting' an "accident", but all of it unfolds Deterministically with respect to WDB2T - all the way into the 'Coulomb force' tuning dynamics that I discussed recently.

    So there's not anything Actually 'accidental' in-there.

    Regardless of the Language into which it's translated, the term, "accidental" is just one of many nebulous verbal-symbols that have been haphazardly converged upon over the course of the millenia and through which folks 'fill-in-the-gaps' with respect to the correlation of subjective experience and bedrock physical reality during 'communication'.

    That is, =describing= the absence of Cause-and-Effect understanding of how and why this or that occurs within one's experience by saying this or that was, "accidental", addresses the degree of coincidence between TD E/I-minimization and Truth from the perspective of subjective experience. It says nothing about Cause-and-Effect.

    To be able to Actually discuss anything in a Cause-and-Effect way, one must, First, understand how and why nervous systems process information.

    Get it?

    The 'chain' of understanding is linked' right-through nervous systems - so, if there's no understanding of how and why nervous systems process information, it's 'impossible' to understand anything.

    The stuff I've been discussing in Tapered Harmony is a case in-point.

    Rigorous Physics just didn't understand 'atoms'[Please Forgive me for saying it plain [or, if not, then come onto the battlefield of Truth]]  - but be-cause it didn't understand how nervous systems process information, it converged 'accidentally' upon what it subjectively experienced as "Understanding".

    The same-stuff has happened over and over again within the History of Science. Remember the quote from T. S. Kuhn's, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions? Each of its 'laments' refers to such an occurrence within the History of Science, and, in all of these examples. the Determining thing is easily seen to derive in experiential differentials - the differential experiencing of WDB2T. Such occurs be-cause most of what any individual experiences derives in the local WDB2T that derives in that portion of groupwise behavior [groupwise TD E/I-minimization dynamics] that the individual has encountered.

    It's not Truth that the individual experiences, but the local-to-her/his-experience WDB2T that occurs as a result of the collective behavioral dynamics in which the individual is emersed.



    The only way to complete the 'chain' of understanding is to, First, understand how nervous systems process information, then deal with this or that with respect to which 'the' nervous system converges upon, understanding through-the-lens of the previously-established understanding of how and why nervous systems process information.

    Only then does understanding with respect to this or that become Possible.

    You know? 

    [For those who don't 'knee-jerk' with respect to Jesus, if Jesus were participating in the discussion of this or that, He'd probably say. "First get the log out of your own eye, so you can, then, see to remove the speck from your neighbor's eye."

    The "log" is the absence of understanding with respect to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.]

    Anyway, completing the chain of understanding through nervous systems is what NDT is all about.

    And a 'funny' thing happened while developing NDT - seeing how TD E/I-minimization is 'just' WDB2T ^ -1, prodded me to 'wonder' about WDB2T and physical reality in general.

    I looked, and there it was - everywhere.

    The result of that is Tapered Harmony's new Reification of physical reality.

    TH shows that - all the way down into the infinitely-divisible 'Coulomb force' that derives in the ionic conductances, there are no 'accidents'.

    All there is within physical reality is stuff unfolding in Rigorous accord with WDB2T.

    Evolutionary dynamics included.

    What has been referred to as , "evolutionary dynamics" is just local WDB2T that's been mis-interpreted be-cause that local WDB2T has been 'observed' non-locally, and only incompletely.

    Which is the same-stuff that I was working to get-across to folks in the reiterative "Truth's One Map" discussions.

    [I'm Sorry. What's here should be much-more, but I'm falling-down Tired, so what's here will have to do [for now]. It's actually a discussion about the difference between 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization and TD E/I-minimization that incorporates understanding with respect to how and why TD E/I-minimization occurs within nervous systems, and, in particular regard to the "evolutionary" topic, how such understanding impacts Evolutionary Dynamics..

    All this matters greatly, be-cause the former 'way' 'traps' folks, but the latter sets them Free.

    That is, the former 'way' subjects folks to the whims of happenstance, but the latter allows folks to Choose.



    Choose what?

    Again, think about it in terms of what we 'choose' to allow the Children to experience, and how virtually everything folks 'deplore' about Human interactive dynamics derives in that 'choice'.

    The point being, why 'choose' that 'way'?

    With respect to evolutionary dynamics, I've been aware while writing this that folks'll probably not be able, yet, to See that they are addressed Sufficiently in this post.

    It's just that, outside of the scope, of the inherent redefinition of Choice, evolutionary dynamics are, flat-out, Trivial. All they do is react Deterministically with respect to WDB2T.

    What is non-trivial, though, is the Possibility to Choose with respect to such that opens-up to folks who understand how and why nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

    All that's necessary has been in AoK all along. The heart of it is discussed in Ap7 - Volition - nervous systems' longest-term, highest-'level' information-processing dynamics.

    The gist of it is to approach TD E/I-minimization NL-P-ly - over the long-term, forgoing 'gratification' until Gratification that's worth-Celebrating is attained.

    Again, think about this in terms of what we allow the Children to experience, and where our doing so leaves the future of Humanity.

    We neglect their Education, and, then, 'expect' them to understand what it is that they can bring to our collective-Humanity.

    Kind of Funny, no?


    'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization Dictating Savagery?

    Or Free Will using TD E/I-minimization, comprehended, to Construct a Future for Humanity?



    [It's 'hard' for me to say more along these lines be-cause, unless folks tell me, I've got to 'guess' at what folks do not, yet, understand.]

    ken [k. p. collins]
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