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Paranormal shock-trauma at excite.com
Thu Oct 16 23:45:50 EST 2003

Measles (encephalitis) virus infects cells of walls of cappilaries
supplying the brain. The virus does not kill those cells but irritates
them to cancer by violently scrathing and itching them!

The symptoms are:

1. Intense dull "creepy" ache in the upper back of the head (usually
worse on left)

2. Inability to move or speak (marked by catatonic paralysis) 

3. Stereophonic unilateral auditory misperceptions (altered hearing,
deafness, tinnitus [perception of a CRT-like high-pitched sine-wave
tone], and auditory hallucination that differ in one ear from the
other ear)

4. Impaired balance; loss of balance; hallucinations involving sense
of balance (including vertigo); extreme dizziness

5. A fever of 109 F

6. Involuntary movements and vocalizations (aka convulsions)

7. Altered level of awareness; Loss of awareness

8. Dramatically shortened sense of time ("time flys!")

9. Creepy sense of anger that loses control

10. Memory loss; false memories; altered memories

11. Frightening symptoms of sleep paralysis set in

12. Coma

13. Death from flaccid paralysis of cardiac muscles

Shingles virus infects neurons in the motor area of the upper spinal
cord (in the neck level). This sadistic virus kills those neurons!
Symptoms are:

1. Catatonic paralysis marked by inabiliy to move or speak
(terrifying; resembles sleep paralysis)

Rabies virus infects cerebral neurons. It kills them by brutally
kicking their gut nuclei! Symptoms are similar to measles except they
are much more sudden, intense, and short-lasting!

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