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The Dangers Of Memory In Control of Science

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Fri Oct 17 07:28:33 EST 2003

"lkh" <lkh at enticy.org> wrote in message
news:de3415a1.0310130739.3ee50eb2 at posting.google.com...

> The press release finishes with a barbaric and ancient error: "This
> last stage may have important clinical implications in the treatment
> of patients with psychological disorders such as post-traumatic stress
> disorder (PTSD), says Walker. 'In PTSD, individuals have specific
> memories with specific associations attached to them, which are
> negative, and thereby causing the disorder,' he explains. 'What we
> think behavioral and cognitive therapies do by having patients replay
> those memories and talk about them is that exact third memory stage.
> Over time, there may be the chance for these patients to redefine
> their memories and make them less traumatic.'"
> Absurd. Psychiatry lives in the realm of the past and assumes
> recalling the past is the way to beat it. Recalling the past is what
> causes depression, disorders and maladies of mental condition.
> Psychiatry is no more advanced today than it was when learned doctors
> were subjecting patients to torture chambers. It has only moved from
> physical abuse to mental abuse.
> Once again, we find the current state of mental science to be
> barbaric, idiotic and self-consuming. Walker and colleagues are
> victims of the very thing they study. Unless and until this new crop
> of barbaric scientists lets go of their past, no matter how
> technologically intriguing it may be, the state of mental health will
> continue to reside in the form of stupidity and ignorance offering
> stupid and ignorant solutions to problems that are not solved due to
> stupidity and ignorance.

Who is less capable of dealing with their past (or most idiotic)- you or
them - is purely a matter for speculation as far as this post is concerned.

The entire post being replied to by me (the quoted text exempted)
exemplifies the output of a CURSES-loaded brain's (individual's) inEPT
AEVASIVE dealings with these (its/his or her) CURSES.

Go to www.primaltherapy.com if you seek some insight into the usually
difficult but sometimes rewardingly possible to deal with 'trauma type
memories' (IMO better defined and denoted as "CURSES").

AEVASIVE (a pragmatic abbreviation of Ambi-advantageously Evolved .... etc.)
is an insight loaded acronym that initially self-refers to the principle
(sub principle found within Darwin's super principle "natural selection")
behind the evolution by way of mutations that conferred "Ambi-advantageous"

Mentioned just to as a 'taste-teaser' that might draw you towards "EPT"
[which is how a refer to my 'explanatory philosophical take' - on "What Is
going on" %-}].


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