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The NL-P - another example [was Re: NL-P Medicine is Testable [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 21 14:40:52 EST 2003

"TODAY/PC  V1.0 (c) 1986 by Patrick Kincaid


Tuesday October 21, 2003

On this day...
   In 1879 Thomas Edison commercially perfects
   the light bulb."

"Edison's Electric Light

Conflicting Statements As To Its Utility "


Quoting from the 1879 =New York Times= Article:

"`Have any electricians responded to your invitation
to see you and investigate your method of lighting
by electricity?'

`No electricians have been here yet, nor are there
likely to be any here. Electricians are a very scarce
article in this country, although there are many
persons here who call themselves electricians.
They don't come here, because they know that if
they do they will be convinced that my light is at last
a perfect one. I am glad they don't come. Practical
men, with experience, and what I call 'horse sense,'
are the best judges of this light, and they are the men
whom I like to welcome to my laboratory.`"

My Childhood Hero told it like it was :-]

"Ulster Peace Effort Moves Ahead, With New
Vote and I.R.A. Pledge

Published: October 21, 2003"


Keep moving along the Line you've Chosen,
Mr. Adams.

The thing to do is Go-First - just like Jesus did.

To folks who 'move away from', consider: No
matter who they are, the desires of their 'hearts'
are, Fundamentally, the Same-Stuff as exists
within yours.

It's all TD E/I-minimization, so, have a go at
"Loving your neighbor as yourself."

There is also Good News out of Iran, today -
with respect to 'nuclear' stuff. I've not reffed
the Article because it emphasizes the
'pressure', rather than the Goodness inherent
in Iran's Choice. [News stories must present the
facts, but they should keep-in-mind the Funda-
mentally-most-significant stuff - the meaning
inherent in each 'movement toward' Peace
throughout Humanity.

It's not 'schmaltziness' to pay-attention in this

It's a Seeing-Through the 'blind;-automation
that has Dictated to Humanity for ''two'-long,
bringing Humanity to the brink of its non-Survival,
and for what? - 'blindly'-automated 'triumphalism' -
what good is this 'stuff' that has been deemed to
be 'so-precious' that Life itself is given 'lower'

"Through the Lens, the Severe Beauty of Nuclear
Test Blasts"


Quoting from the =New York Times= article:

"In a new book, "100 Suns," published this week
by Knopf [...]"

"As Mr. Light reminds us, some hundred thousand
nuclear weapons have been built and remain on the
earth. That is what makes these old photographs
"utterly relevant" today.

"`Photographs only tell us about the surface of things,
about how things look,' Mr. Light writes. 'When it's all
we have, however, it's enough to help understanding.
It exists. It happened. It is happening. May no further
nuclear detonation photographs be made, ever.`"

The three images at the NYT URL each shows what
is referred to in Tapered Harmony as "encapsulation".
The center image, most obviously.

In the New England Edition of the paper issue of the
NYT, there'r several more images. There's one that
displays both "encapsulation" and the NL-P very-
clearly ["Enewetak"].

I can't afford to purchase it, but, when I can, I'll browse
it, if I can find the book at my local book-seller - take
notes, post page numbers.

So, if you can afford it, maybe you'll want a copy of the

"Ethics 101: A Course About the Pitfalls

Published: October 21, 2003"


ken [k. p. collins]

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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| Oh yeah - one more NL-P thing:
| The stuff I poured down the drain
| finally broke-through the blockage.
| Can you see the NL-P in-there?
| Guess, now, I can say that "everything
| [and] the kitchen sink" is in-there :-]
| ken
| "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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