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monkeys learn to use brain-machine interface

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 21 15:32:03 EST 2003

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| I don't quite see how that logic works. Its
| the inate processing ability of the CNS
| that allows addiction to happen. I can't
| think of anything that an "addicted brain"
| can't do, that a "normal" brain can do.

The 'addicted' brain cannot achieve globally-
integrated TD E/I-minimization.

It can only 'achieve' a version of non-globally-
integrated TD E/I-minimization that's Dictated
by the drug.

Big difference.


| All addiction is a high-jacking of associative
| process's. If you look at it like that, im sure you
| could use a highly addictive drug to improve the
| brains ability to accociate.


I've already explained all of this.

The only necessary technical details are those that
are given in AoK, Ap9.

To do as you suggest, the drug would have to
functionally-multiplex [AoK, Ap9] seamlessly
within the innate functional-multiplexing dynamics.

But just introducing a foreign substance alters
the innate functional-multiplexing - so it 'functions',
'just' not seamlessly with respect to what was
already in-there.

It's exactly analogous to taking "2 + 2 = 4",
introducing a "-1", and expecting the Sum to be
the same :-]

Things within 'the' nervous system work be-cause,
through globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization,
they 'map' physical reality in rigorous accord with
the one-way flow of energy from order to dis-order
that is what's =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T],
not because 'there's something missing', that needs
to be 'added', in-there.

If one attempts to 'improve' nervous system function
by 'adding something' [like a drug], one has to engineer
the drug so that it does not Dictate to global TD E/I-
minimization - and, be-cause of the tight global-integra-
tion of nervous system function, to do this, requires that,
the whole nervous system must be 'reingineered' [all
of the nervous systems functional-multiplexing must be
'reingineered' - and, even if this were possible, the re-
sult would be a non-minimal nervous system that could
process-information only relatively-slowly with respect to
a 'normal' nervous system - so all the 'addition' does is
'push' the nervous system away from its 'normal' grasp
of WDB2T.

If one wants to 'add' something, to nervous system
function, why not 'just' make Learning the something
that is 'added' ?

Globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization, then, takes
care of incorporating the new stuff, while simultaneously
maintaining globally-integrated TD E/I-minimization -
the nervous system's grasp upon WDB2T.

In other words, 'consciousness' remains Unified, and
folks don't 'fly-off-the-handle', committing Theft, Murder,
etc., so that they can 'get-the-drug', or losing everything
because the drug Dictates that it is 'more-important'
within nervous systems' global TD E/I-minimization
dynamics than is global TD E/I-minimization, itself.

The last condition is what occurs in commonplace
Alcohol Addiction - the alcohol is 'deemed' by the
alcohol-modified nervous system to be 'more-precious'
than anything else - Family, Home, Employment,
Health, Life.

The drug doesn't functionally-multiplex in a globally-
TD E/I-minimizable way.

It modifies the nervous system, and Dictates the
nervous system's TD E/I-minimization dynamics.

The =really= Sinister thing about such 'addictions'
is that, be-cause, their progenitor substances do
modify nervous systems, be-cause nervous systems
are the agents of Thought, the addicted nervous
system 'thinks' that it is functioning 'appropriately'.

It can no longer Think a 'normal' Human Thought
until it withdraws from the drug, to the degree that
it does withdraw from the drug, and to the degree
that the "biological mass" that was constructed
under the influence of the drug is dis-integrated.

This's all Extremely-Serious stuff.

There's no 'ho-humming' it.

k. p. collins

| "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
| @bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net:
| > The drug ab-use has transformed the 'ad-
| > icted nervous system into a non-Human
| > nervous system that cares relatively-little
| > about the generalized information proces-
| > sing capabilities that are innate within non-
| > drug-addicted nervous systems.

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