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I'll be logging-off in a few days

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 21 16:58:12 EST 2003

This online 'life' is coming to an end
[prior to October, 27th].

I don't know, yet, if I'll make-it, financially,
but, while I stay online, my attention is
'diverted' to each day's Hope that some-
one'll 'move toward' Publicly Acknowledg-
ing NDT, and that forstalls the doing of
other stuff that needs doing. [In case it
isn't clear, I need someone to vouch for
NDT;s stuff, so that I can get a paper
Published in the 'normal' way - so it'll
not be returned to me by the mailroom
Clerk. I can see no way of 'jumping-that-
hurdle' without someone's 'speaking'
on NDT's behalf.]

So, it's best' that I go offline - got a full
'dancecard', after all. I'm not looking-
forward to this winter's problem-set - it's
a Merciless one, and I'll start already
'tired'. But it needs to be done, and that's
all it takes to win my 'heart'. [To those
who might be 'interested', Unless I can
find another  =Private= way to do it, I'm
going to do the work entirely in the ol'
noggin' lab - so, don't bother - unless
'you' 'think' 'you' can 'read-my-mind'.]

During this online 'life', I have, for the
first 'time' Declared Certainty with
respect to TH. The NL-P stuff that I've
discussed from the perspective of TH's
SSW<->UES 'expansion'<->'compres-
sion' harmonics, will stand for all 'time'.

The other thing has been that, as usual
when it becomes clear to me that Hope
will not yet be fulfilled, I've taken action
to 'detune' things - so that they'll tend not
to 'fly off the handle' because I'll not be
online to take-care of things that need to
be taken care of.

[My brain was not damaged when I got a
haircut the other day.]

To those who are leaning toward being
able to Accept NDT: Do not be afraid. Do
not be 'swayed' or 'deterred' by the Jackass
stuff that folks who've not. or cannot be,
'bothered' to discover what NDT actually is
will do.

The understanding is on their behalf, even
as they, in one way or the other, ab-use
what they 'know' of it.

Just work-more to discern what's right-there
in =your= 'heart'.

Whether in the heat of the 'Battle', or on
"K. P." Duty to earn sustinence for it, I'll
carry you in mine.

Be Strong. Prepare to 'hit the ground

The 'day' for that is coming.

To the 'politicians': How about thinking
about something other than your own
self-interests for a change?

ken [k. p. collins]

Sorry, be-cause of a malicious attack,
I've had to instruct my ISP to block all
email :-[ So, if you want to contact me,
please do it in the bionet.neuroscience.
newsgroup by posting a message.

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