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monkeys learn to use brain-machine interface

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 21 18:47:45 EST 2003

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| *sigh*
| [...]

You do understand that I'm talking about
inflicting drugs [implants] upon otherwise
'normal' nervous systems?

Beyond that, there's no way around dealing
with the nervous system as a whole.

Because the energydynamics that occur
within nervous systems are infinitely-div-
isible, It literally goes on forever, but every-
thing necessary to deal with the nervous
system as a whole, to a first useable approx-
imation, has been in AoK all along.

Nervous systems are tightly-integrated func-
tional units. If one looks at anything within
them in 'isolation' from everything else with-
in them. whatever it is that one is looking at
appears to be something other than what it
actually is. This is a Consequence of the 4-D
[in AoK, "5-D" [incorrectly - there is no such
thing as 'time' within physical reality]] nature
of nervous systems.

I'd apologize if that would do any good, but
it's not that I'm being 'difficult'. The problem is
that nervous systems are just 4-D, so one has
to work in the simultaneity of this 4-D.

One either does this, or does not. If the latter,
then, to the degree that such is worth one's
while. why not accept what's shared by folks
who do the 4-D stuff?

There's no way around the 4-D stuff.

Forgive me, but I've been 'bending-over-back-
ward' to try to usefully convey the essence of
your questioning's goals, but you "*sigh", and
disagree while, it seems to me, not wanting to
actually get-in-there to grapple with the 4-D
reality of nervous systems.

It's all laid-out in AoK and the refs cited in AoK.


If you're really wanting to  understand NDT's stuff,
then please help me win an opportunity to do more
in the way of popularizing NDT's stuff.

As things stand, I'm struggling just to feed and
shelter myself, so I've got to use my small resources
to work at the leading edge of my research - to do
stuff that will not, otherwise, get done.

It 'angers' me when I receive 'indication' that I 'should'
forsake the stuff that's not yet been done in order to
endlessly-repeat what was done decades ago - all
while struggling to feed and shelter myself.

There has to be some room in-there for a man's do-
ing what his experience informs him =must= be done.

Beyond this, my evaluation of our interaction is that
your motivation is ulterior - you don't really want to know.

And that you'd impose such upon me is like feeling
Life itself stolen from me.


Earn it, or 'go away'.

k. p. collins

k. p. collins

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