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The NL-P - another example [was Re: NL-P Medicine is Testable [___]]

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 23 18:41:49 EST 2003

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| [...]

| "Through the Lens, the Severe Beauty of Nuclear
| Test Blasts"
| http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/21/science/21SUN.html
| Quoting from the =New York Times= article:
| "In a new book, "100 Suns," published this week
| by Knopf [...]"
| "As Mr. Light reminds us, some hundred thousand
| nuclear weapons have been built and remain on the
| earth. That is what makes these old photographs
| "utterly relevant" today.
| "`Photographs only tell us about the surface of things,
| about how things look,' Mr. Light writes. 'When it's all
| we have, however, it's enough to help understanding.
| It exists. It happened. It is happening. May no further
| nuclear detonation photographs be made, ever.`"
| The three images at the NYT URL each shows what
| is referred to in Tapered Harmony as "encapsulation".
| The center image, most obviously.
| In the New England Edition of the paper issue of the
| NYT, there'r several more images. There's one that
| displays both "encapsulation" and the NL-P very-
| clearly ["Enewetak"].
| I can't afford to purchase it, but, when I can, I'll browse
| it, if I can find the book at my local book-seller - take
| notes, post page numbers.
| So, if you can afford it, maybe you'll want a copy of the
| book.
| [...]

I browsed this thought-provoking book this afternoon.

All pf the photographs are gripping, but photos 003,
004 and 005 were the most-informative. These were
'chilling' in their stark informativeness.

All of these vividly disclose spherical 'encapsulation'
as I've discussed it in the past, but in its early dynam-

Of these three photos, the latter two are the most
reliable [the interesting features of photo 003 can
be construed as 3-D 'shadows' of it's bomb's

Photos 004 & 005 show spherical encapsulation and
its break-down.

Photo 005 shows encapsulation being 'stretched'
beyond the local UES Volume/Surface-Area limit.
with some encapsulated 'piercings'.

The rest of the images are not as informative as are
these three - because the others are of later 'stages'
of their explosions [which is interesting because it
discloses that a lot of important Science has been
held in-'secret' - probably explains why my discus-
sions of Tapered Harmony have been actively
Censored - problem is that TH's understanding is
very-useful with respect to Neuroscience, so it, once
again, becomes clear that the thing to do with Truth
is Honor it, nou "put it under a bushel basket"].

The book's ISBN: 1-4000-4113-9 [which, to me, is
also interesting :-]

The book's Author is Michael Light. It's Published by
Knoph, and Printed in China, which I also found

The world is growing closer - this stuff, so elegantly
shared in this book, was, not too long ago, the ob-
ject of desperate espionage.

Perhaps there remains Hope for Humanity?

ken [k. p. collins]

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