Can a haircut cause brain damage?

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Fri Oct 24 04:21:11 EST 2003

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> Some epileptics will have seizures triggered during the actual
> manipulation and "cutting" of the hair.  That has been reported a few times
> in the literature.
> > Could you give one literature reference? Just one to start with.
> > One only. If possible.
> > Dag Stenberg
> Obviously, in the case you cite, brain damage
> isn't caused by the "haircut' [the external stim-
> ulus].
> The external stimulus triggers a previously-exist-
> ing condition [which can result in "brain damage"].
> What the query under discussion entails is finding
> an example of a haircut causing brain damage
> =directly= - no intervening stuff.
> Fire up your "search engine" :-]
> ken

Dag asked for a reference to a haircut triggering an epileptic
seizure.  Learn to read.

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