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I'll be logging-off today

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 24 14:57:07 EST 2003

I'll be giving up my internet account later
this afternoon.

What I'm going to do in this winter's prob-
lem-solving 'time' is work toward =exact=
solutions of the stuff I discussed earlier
[black body power spectrum [photoelectric
effect. etc. - all of the experimental results
upon which 'qm' was founded]] from the
perspective of Tapered Harmony.

I'm already Certain that this effort will pan-
out [if not this winter, eventually - that is, I'm
Certain that Tapered Harmony is Correct.

I'm a bit 'disheartened' before I begin, though,
'cause I found major discrepancies between
some NIST spectral data that I DL'd the other
day and the CRC data that I've been using
[typing it in by hand :-] [and meticulously cross-
checking it, BTW]. So I don't know how [or if
I'll even be able to] sort this 'discrepancy' out.

Maybe I'll just bag it. I'm already Satisfied with
the stuff I discussed earlier during this online

There's another Dishwasher at the place where
I work. He pitched 17 no-hitters during his high
school career - has a 90 MPH fastball, and the
full repetoir of pitches - got mixed-up with the
wrong crowd, and dropped out of high school.

He's in Danger of 'falling through the cracks' the
'same' way I did when I was Young - and I'm find-
'outrage' in my 'heart' at Witnessing his version
of my own experience.

So, I might just make my winter's work getting
this Young Man a chance to 're-enter' the realm
in which he so obviously belongs.

17 no-hitters, and the Kid's washing dishes?

Doesn't compute.

His Name's David Wheelock, if there's any-body
who receives this who's in a position to hook him
up with the Tryouts he deserves.

He's a Good Kid - really quick hands - the first
week he was washing dishes, he was already
the fastest guy in the restaurant - and he always
takes the most-gruelling work to himself - you
know - there's not an ounce of 'slough-off' in him.
[He gets together with another guy every day to
throw 100 pitches.]

Yet, there he is, his Talent, his Good-'heart', and
his work ethic, on the verge of 'slipping through
the carcks'.

Makes my blood boil that stuff like this can happen.

So, I might just bag the Physics [which is already
'done' and Shared as far as I'm concerned], 'thumb
my nose' at the ceremonial-hoops that one is
supposed to jump-through, and devote my winter
to seeing if I can open a door for this Young Man..

I look-back, and see myself - naive, not knowing
where to turn - not knowing what opportunities are
available - thinking, "If only I work hard, folks'll take
note of that, and doors'll open."

But it just doesn't happen that way, does it?

So, maybe I'll use my small resources to help this
one Young Man.

Maybe he'll give me a free ticket when he makes
the Bigs :-]

The Science?

Judging from recent 'stock market' dynamics. I'm
sure I've done enough.

And, since that's as it is, I'd rather look for new stuff
to work on, rather than doing what could not make
any difference, anyway [Oh yeah - the exact calcula-
tions would open some doors. But they'd also close
some doors that I don't want closed.]

So, maybe I'll just help this Kid, and look for another
Problem that needs to be set-straight.

You know - something that actually still needs Doing
rather than something that just needs prettying-up.

Anyway, as always, I'm =Grateful= for having had the
opportunity to discuss stuff in your electronic 'midsts'.

Cheers, and so-long-for-now, ken

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