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Correlation Tics and Intelligence?

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 24 17:33:17 EST 2003

"J C" <null at nowhere.net> wrote in message
news:3J6ZP+dhmmLB8wsEDB7fIwvyTFJB at 4ax.com...
| Anyone know of any work done correlating
| involuntary movements (tics, tremors, chorea,
| myoclonias, and so forth) with intelligence?
| I've seen 3 instances of what could be
| classified as benighn familial chorea. In
| each the children are of above average
| intelligence. In one case the onset was
| at 1 year of age, and completely resolved
| by two. The second case experienced
| onset at 6 years of age, and now at 12
| symptoms see to be diminishing. In the
| third child, onset is undetermined, and
| at age 14 he has characteristic tic-like
| movements of the head when he speaks.
| I'm wondering if it's fancy on my part or
| if others have noticed. And if others have
| made similar observations I wonder if
| these childhood tics are related to
| general brain development.
| -- JC

In general, anything that does not significantly
degrade nervous system function, but which
does set a person 'apart', 'forces' the person's
nervous system to work harder [for thos who
have it, AoK, Ap7- the 'setting-apart' tends to
elevate the "volitional diminishing-returns
decision" threshold] - which, if the person
holds-it-together, routinely results in behavioral
manifestations that are 'deemed' to 'signify'
'enhanced intelligence'.

The 'deeming' is Falsely-ascribed, however.

=Anything= that sets a person 'apart' can result
in the analogous thing [if the person is able to
'hold-on' in the face of 'ostracization'].

It's why routine conformity is such a waste of
nervous systems' innate information-processing

Anyway, 'nerds' capitalize on the dynamics
inherent :-]

[Of course there's a 'sinister' side to the stuff
I'm discussing - when routine conformity
'ostracizes' 'differences' to degrees which over-
whelm the 'ostracized' nervous systems. This's
a wellspring of maladapted, often-predatory,
adult behavioral dynamics - most of 'society's
wounds are self-inflicted, in this way.]

ken [k. p. collins]

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