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KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 30 11:18:45 EST 2003

Oh yeah, in my discussion of the NL-P a few
weeks back, I paraphrased a 'definition' from
=Schaum's Outline Series Theory and
Problems of Mechanical Vibrations=,
by W. W. Seto, McGraw-Hill, 1964, p. 156
[the bottom paragraph], with respect to
'nonlinear restoring force", without crediting
the source.

I've rewritten the underpinning Maths, in it's
=entirety=. No "eliptical functions" are
required :-]

Is it Plagerism to look for a phrase that folks
will be 'familiar' with, while seeking to convey
Newness? And must one "credit" such usage
even though one is rejecting that to which it

I do a =lot= of this, refraining be-cause I don't
want to 'embarass' folks by taking-up specific
discussions of Errors in Published work.

It's not been my purpose to 'dwell on Errors'.

My Purpose has been to just set-things-straight.

My concern is with the Death and Destruction
that afflicts Humanity, and I'll continue to address
such in any way that I Choose, refraining, as best
I can, from 'embarassing' folks.

[BTW, the present case - which addresses an
"outline" of accepted theory - is not anything
'embarassing'. An "outline" just "outlines" an
existing discipline. Can't 'embarass' itself un-
less it misrepresents the discipline.]

Anyway, I've been wanting to fix this omission
ever since I fixed what I referred to as a "typo"
in my original post. To do so, I had to refer to
the text, and, because I did so, I should've
provided a ref.

K. P. Collins

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Hhaob.199844$0v4.15564912 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "U.S. Naval Academy Demotes Professor Over Copied Work
| Published: October 29, 2003"
| http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/29/national/29BOOK.html
| Perhaps I'm Guilty of an analogous thing.
| Every 'time' I've used ~"exquisitely precise",
| including in AoK with respect to the mapping
| of the "epicritic system", I've actually been
| using the words of another Author - I believe,
| Carpenter & Sutin [=Human Neuroanatomy=].
| "Exquisite" is an exquisite word for which I know
| of no adequate replacements.
| Every 'time' I use the word, "exquisite", it's a
| bit of an homage to the Author.
| I should've set this straight long ago, though. I've
| been aware of it all along. I thought, because I
| Ref-ed Carpenter & Sutin in AoK, waxed on-and-
| on about how I Love their Book [probably augment-
| ing their royalties in the process], all was hunky-
| dory.
| But this little article in the =New York Times= [whose
| circulation I've also single-handedly increased :-],
| caused me to reconsider my assumption.
| Any who wish to cast-me-out because of this
| should feel Free to do so.
| I can't be cast-out any further than I already have
| been, anyway.
| K. P. Collins
| --
| Sorry, be-cause of a malicious attack,
| I've had to instruct my ISP to block all
| email :-[ So, if you want to contact me,
| please do it in the bionet.neuroscience.
| newsgroup by posting a message.

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