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'empathy's inwardly-spiralling energydynamics

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 30 12:14:48 EST 2003

Whoops! Hit the wrong keys, and sent the
incompleted post :-]

I'll continue the discussion below.

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:4gbob.20781$Ec1.1882508 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| I recently experienced an associate being
| attacked [through verbal ab-use], her mani-
| festing 'alarmed' behavior, and my respond-
| ing by coming to her defense.
| Her 'alarm' behavior 'recruited' my behavior
| as is discussed in AoK, Ap8 [for those who
| have AoK, go to Ap8, <page-down>, and
| hit the ""repulsion" hyperlink for more con-
| text than is quoted below.]
|     An  analysis  of  these  dynamics  shows that they are futile
|     because they do cause TD E/I(up) to occur within the CNS of
|     individual  who  is  "attacked".   Within  the  CNS  of   the
|     individual  who  is  "attacked",  the  "attack" initiates the
|     creation of a TD E/I(up) constellation, that has the
|     as  its  evoking  stimulus  set.  If  nothing in the external
|     environment   occurs   that   will   permit   this   TD
|     constellation to  be "whittled"  away, it  will "sit  there",
|     gradually accumulating  greater power  even if  no further TD
|     E/I(up)  is  inflicted  upon  the  "attacked"  individual by
|     former "aggressor". Subsequently, it  will tend to force  the
|     "attacked"  individual  to  manifest  behaviors  that will be
|     calculated to permit the "moving away from" (the  elimination
|     of) the environmental source of the TD E/I(up) that created
|     prefrontal constellation.  (These dynamics  often occur  in a
|     compound  ("round-about")  way  within  groups. An "attacked"
|     individual manifests TD  E/I(up)-generating behaviors, that
|     driven by  the prefrontal  constellation that  was created by
|     the  TD  E/I(up)  experienced  during  the  "aggression", in
|     presence of the individual's familiar associates. This causes
|     prefrontal  constellations,  that  are  associated  with  the
|     circumstances  of  the  "attack",  to  be created ("induced")
|     within  their  brains.  (Their  familiarity (TD E/I-minimized
|     states) with respect to the "attacked" individual permit them
|     to  endure  the  individual's  TD E/I(up)-generating
|     Subsequently, these  prefrontal constellations  will tend  to
|     cause these individuals to "attack" the former "aggressor" in
|     an effort to  eliminate the original  source of the  TD
|     These are  the dynamics  which underlie  the mass  aggression
|     that occurs in  war, and by  which "feuds" are  "handed down"
|     from one  generation to  the next.)  This tends  to cause the
|     level of "violence" to escalate because the prefrontal  force
|     guides  the  by-production  of  behaviors  which will further
|     elevate  TD  E/I  within  the  central  nervous system of the
|     original  "aggressor".  Thus,  the  overall  situation   will
|     "degenerate" into an  "explosive" interactive state  in which
|     abstract, internal TD E/I(up) dynamics, which have no
|     in any absolute experiential reality, govern behavior.  While
|     this occurs, the personal welfare of the individuals that are
|     involved is forsaken.
| As I've discussed repeatedly in long-former posts,
| this's what's going on amongst population-groups
| all around the world today.
| In particular, it's what's going on between the Protestants
| and Catholics in Northern Ireland, the Arabs and Israelis in
| the Holy Land, and, on a huge scale, between Arab and non-
| Arab populations.
| The "recruitment" dynamics entailed are as they've
| been discussed in AoK, Ap8 all along [partially reiterated

It all reduces to TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended.

Of course, why folks leave TD E/I-minimization un-
comprehended has also been explained in AoK
all along.

I look out upon all of this and my jaw just hangs-down.

Anyway, it's what underpins the killing in Iraq, the
Holy Land, and which formerly underpinned it in
Northern Ireland [and everywhere else where
the absence-of-understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization has prevailed,
throughout the course of Human History].

The influx of foreign 'fighters' has its roots in the
energydynamics of 'empathy' that arises within
the 'fighters' nervous systems when they experience
the 'alarm' behaviors that folks 'familiar' to them [in
their homelands] manifest. "Prefrontal constellations"
[AoK, Ap7] become established, and augment with
continuing experiencing of the 'alarm' behaviors. The
'fighters' go forth 'compelled' by the TD E/I energy-
dynamics that the prefrontal constellations impose
upon their nervous systems.

The only 'reason' these dynamics are still occurring
is that NDT's understanding remains not-generally-

Folks 'blindly' and automatically 'choose' the old,
'familiar', 'blindly'-automated Savagery, while 'mov-
ing away from' the 'unfamiliar' stuff.

Puts the 'bravado' of reliance-in-weaponry into
sharp perspective.

The 'courage' inherent, runs from an idea.

[I'm Sorry. What's in this discussion should be
stated much more eoquently. I'm 'battered', these
'days', by feeling the Anguish of all those who are
involved, but being 'chained' with respect to the
Communication of NDT's Truth - so everything
comes out of me all-rough-edges.]

k. p. collins

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