Glial cells as an important proliferation matrix in neural communication

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at
Tue Sep 2 08:34:17 EST 2003

Thanks for your thought provoking post!

On reflection, my conservative, and trying-to-be both simplifying (for my
own sake) and slavishly science-aligned, attitude to how all kinds of
"Consciousness" becomes constructed in the continuum (even if indierectly
perceived as parcelled at the Planck scale) of brain-spacetime, might have
led me to leave out, or at least have had an less than warranted
appreciation of, the contribution of glia cells.

However, am ready and open to shift towards a slightly grander view (still)
of What Is going on in this respect (i.e., in respect of Consciousness) by
'glueing glial cells' into an even more generally valid (EPT) explanation,
and Tolerance Principled (approximation accepting) definition, of the brainy
requirements for individuals being Conscious.

That is, I in a simplifying stroke define Consciousness (if now in somewhat
'dilluted' fashion after an increased incorporation of glia) as
"essentially" (i.e., essentially at a neurophysiologal level) requiring, or
"energized" by, a sustained firing by 'reticular activating type' (RAT)

I leave it to other to develop grey hair by looking into more intricate
(possibly more precisely and specific) defining aspects of the different
"kinds" of Consciousness that obviously exist.

(By the way, cell-bodies of "RAT neurons" being, by this my pragmatically
vague and limited definition of Consciousness, situated in anywhere from the
substantia gelatinosa of the spinal chord to the intralaminar and diffuse
nuclei of the thalamus.)

With regards,


P.S. As always, I'd appreciate any pointer to me having misrepresented any
solidly established scientific fact.

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