Glial cells as an important proliferation matrix in neural communication

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Although I cannot comment upon the
specific points of your original post [other
than agreeing that the glia verifiably
constitute an "mportant [ionic conductance]
proliferation matrix", the glial hypothesis is
integrated within my own work. There was
sufficient evidence for it decades ago [and
probably 'long' before that].

I can appreciate the Sun correlation you've
brought up [pending published refs], but
only in a very basic energy-flow way, possibly
impacting evolutionary dynamics through 2nd
Thermo, but glial energy-flow dynamics within
nervous systems are necessarily different be-
cause they are embedded in what I refer to
as "the special topological homeomorphism of
[central] nervous systems". This couples them
rigorously with respect to external energy-flow
directionality. Sun, on the other hand, has it's
magnetic field, and some relatively-small
'gravitational' influences of the planets in their
orbits, which do not exhibit any "front-center"
directional focus - so if there's a Sun 'connection',
it's a structurally-distant one :-]


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| Yep.  There is a periodicity displayed by
| the sun that is identical in sequence and
| temporal parameters to a endogeneous
| rhythm exhibited by glial cells.  Both have
| similar rise times and last virtually 3-5 min.
|These cells have been considered to be
| one of the major correlates for the emergence
| of infraslow potentials within the brain
| (although the literature often focuses on
| neurons mediating such transmission,
| impairing glial cells interfere substantial
| with this rhythm).  This peridocity is one
| of the most common one found within
| the body besides those mediated by
| neuronal-based communications.  It
| might be by accident but you never know.
| Neil
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